VIRTUAL PRISON | adult swim smalls

15. april. 2021
40 757 Ganger

Created by and featuring Derek and Dril and Pierce
3D: Ned Stasio
Additional Design: Will Duncan
DP/Color: Jake Gibson
Sound/Music: Jake Hess
Graphic Design: Melanie Kwan
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  • nice. what if The Good Place was tWiStEd

    chrismathewsjrchrismathewsjr5 timer siden
  • More Dammit More!!!

    ----Dag siden
  • I would like a full show of this, please!

    RoryRoryDag siden
  • this is like a sadworld video

    Max BrayMax Bray2 dager siden
  • make this a series please thanks

    uwuuwu3 dager siden
  • This could be a Blackmirror episode

    ViolettesViolettes4 dager siden
  • Dril could puke *my* ass.. ijs

    Michelle P.Michelle P.4 dager siden
  • more eps

    jackjack5 dager siden
  • Hi Adult Swim, I'd love to watch more of this online or on cable. It would be a great complement to other good ideas I've suggested, like giving us more Joe Pera, perhaps on HBO Max ("Take it to The Max!". That is not the official HBO Max slogan but you can have it for free)! I would love to give you money in many different ways for the content I have outlined above.

    SpaceButler01SpaceButler015 dager siden
  • very good

    Dom SpencerDom Spencer5 dager siden
  • gotta have this

    Sam ChallenSam Challen5 dager siden
  • the only way i'll be happy is if this gets 6 seasons and a movie

    oddwigoddwig5 dager siden
  • I like this show, make more

    Eli PropeckEli Propeck5 dager siden
  • want to watch more/10

    Aaron BrownAaron Brown5 dager siden
  • No.

    Not PepsiNot Pepsi5 dager siden
  • Stop being fools, adult swim, and make make this series you dum dums

    Amber Audra ValentineAmber Audra Valentine6 dager siden
  • This better get made or they should change the channel name to baby swim!

    Jim MJim M6 dager siden
  • You know adult swim isn't a legitimate government because haven't received any word of an ep. 2 yet

    Collin BurmanCollin Burman6 dager siden
  • what a tremendous premise for a show - you could stretch it out for 6 or 7 profitable seasons

    AdamAndrew LenoxAdamAndrew Lenox6 dager siden
  • this is hilarious

    Comedy Is Cool TelevisionComedy Is Cool Television6 dager siden
  • Someone who is at adult Swim please make this a tv show my family is dying

    Dude SensationDude Sensation6 dager siden
  • This has too many elements of things I like, i.e. low-res, inventory-based adventure gaming, general dystopia prediction and the promise of wicked humor to be ignored.

    Travis ThomasTravis Thomas6 dager siden
  • Make show

    Kieran P DolanKieran P Dolan6 dager siden
  • I need more of this

    Clear Lakes ProductionsClear Lakes Productions6 dager siden

    hot Sauce juniorhot Sauce junior6 dager siden
  • Look I understand Venture Bros was expensive, however, I'm sure you can manage this one Gimme something AS

    Azurite CoastAzurite Coast6 dager siden
  • Fund a series or we riot

    GameQuoterGameQuoter6 dager siden
  • Give me more! Great concept with a comedic voice perfect for Adult Swim

    Alex BondAlex Bond6 dager siden
  • we need more prestige tv like this

    Nick BostonNick Boston6 dager siden
  • gimme more please, this rules

    Michael ClouseMichael Clouse6 dager siden
  • more of this

    race pendletonrace pendleton7 dager siden
  • This is the best thing that adult swim ever produced. Next to starboat.

    guigosulguigosul7 dager siden
  • It's a perfect port of real prison

    robothalesrobothales7 dager siden
  • at 14 seconds in they wire him up to a broken Nintendo Game Cube...

    muerto onemuerto one7 dager siden

    Matt VinsonMatt Vinson7 dager siden
  • make it a show

    199 emo199 emo8 dager siden
  • I believe that I need virtual prison to be liberated from my body

    Peter GloverPeter Glover8 dager siden
  • I'm all up in these comments requesting this be developed into a series

    anonymousanonymous8 dager siden
  • this will be the only time i ever do a dril reply: adult swim make this a full show please. thank you.

    Nate SchererNate Scherer8 dager siden
  • Please make into a series!

    Lucas MarshallLucas Marshall8 dager siden
  • cross between DreamCorp LLC and Superjail?? yes pls

    foolalooffoolaloof8 dager siden
  • YES

    foolalooffoolaloof8 dager siden
  • I double dog dare AS to fund this as a series

    AMINALAMINAL8 dager siden
  • make a show

    Steven ReifSteven Reif8 dager siden
  • I absolutely hope this gets made. this is the kind of content that I would love to see.

    Raven RamoneRaven Ramone8 dager siden
  • This absolutely needs to be a show. Concept seems fun and open, good for a quick watch late at night.

    Sir Mix-A-Lot Rare MusicSir Mix-A-Lot Rare Music8 dager siden
  • Comedy Central, if you don’t pick this show up you are idiots

    Michael ZuninoMichael Zunino9 dager siden
  • plz make more

    SECUNDUSSECUNDUS9 dager siden
  • damn i've been hoping they'd give some twitter guys a comedy show that doesn't make me laugh. whoaaa his moustache is bad that's hella ironic bro lol

    kruddykruddy9 dager siden
  • This seems like it would make a good show

    TheUlfTheUlf9 dager siden
  • This concept begs for expansion, at least a few episodes.

    zzuxonzzuxon9 dager siden
  • If Adult Swim does not turn this into a tv series and eventually a movie I will flex my arm so hard that the vaccine squirts out of it thereby de-vaccinating myself and possibly becoming some kind of "Super Spreader". It's in your hands!

    Simon RodriguezSimon Rodriguez9 dager siden
  • i gotta leave a comment so that adult swim will make this into a series

    MugmunMugmun9 dager siden
  • Pulllleeeasssseeee give us more adult swim

    BrochBroch9 dager siden
  • Wow this could be a show

    Daniel CarronDaniel Carron9 dager siden
  • yes

    Hunter DavidsonHunter Davidson9 dager siden
  • please make full show thanks

    Ryan O'MalleyRyan O'Malley9 dager siden
  • we need the show!!!!!

    Booon! Booon!Booon! Booon!9 dager siden
  • computer, play more dril videos

    mxsanguinemxsanguine9 dager siden
  • i need this developed into a full show

    NonashimaNonashima9 dager siden
  • Adult swim, order four seasons of this show please. And make more Xavier while you are at it.

    Dan BegertDan Begert9 dager siden
  • make the show

    brentlbaileybrentlbailey9 dager siden
  • more of this please

    another kittenanother kitten9 dager siden
  • This is a whole lotta content to throw at a guy ....

    Marty SullivanMarty Sullivan10 dager siden
  • if you dont greenlight this, i puke my ass

    Bird OnlineBird Online10 dager siden
  • super danganronpa 2: goodbye despair (2012)

    1cbear71cbear711 dager siden
  • i'm fucking dead. so good

    Chab PheakdeyChab Pheakdey11 dager siden
  • fund it

    Nick PeloneNick Pelone12 dager siden
  • needs more T-posing XD

    cnel90cnel9013 dager siden
  • Please please please make this

    David PipherDavid Pipher13 dager siden
  • epic

    Franco :DFranco :D13 dager siden
  • _GOmER_ reminds me a lot of the genie from AVGN's Aladdin Deck Enhancer video

    matt mcdonaldsmatt mcdonalds13 dager siden
  • This is great

    matt mcdonaldsmatt mcdonalds13 dager siden
  • Dope

    The JabberThe Jabber14 dager siden
  • i want more

    Flizank01Flizank0114 dager siden
  • I mean... it's got the rendering of kotor 2, but the customizable options of a post 2015 game.. if there aren't ads and are spare lives, there are worse prisons to end up. I want to watch a few more of these before i make up my mind though. You have heard the crowd, our needs are in your godly hands.

    lokis Mischieflokis Mischief14 dager siden
  • Can I get a copy of virtual prison for the gamecube please?

    ZacZac15 dager siden
  • Really glad dril used his natural voice for this.

    Adam HollowellAdam Hollowell15 dager siden
  • shit for geniuses

    brandonbrandon15 dager siden
  • need more of this

    IndustrialIndustrial15 dager siden
  • Wouldn't it be haha wouldn't it be funny if lol if tommy had to be gomers slave XD like no but haha what if he had to do whatever he said you know ;--) lmao I'm just kidding but no seriously like omg haha

    JoebotnikJoebotnik15 dager siden
  • the lease [as] could do for all the streaming people they laid off is give them tv shows.

    omgcandy16Kimicari0omgcandy16Kimicari015 dager siden
  • damn, the guys from twitter are kinda nice with it!

    Multiplat NoRecMultiplat NoRec15 dager siden
  • We demand a series or else it is true that adult swim is nothing

    sweetcreemsweetcreem15 dager siden
  • Watching this I was not confused. It all made perfect sense. There is a show now people that go on the internet can watch

    darius gaidendarius gaiden15 dager siden
  • I am a big fan of VIRTUAL PRISON

    CheesyJam ProductionsCheesyJam Productions15 dager siden
  • i enjoy this. I demand more

    fjord enjoyerfjord enjoyer15 dager siden
  • I need this as a series

    MoofinMoofin15 dager siden
  • more

    porter produced itporter produced it15 dager siden
  • I love it

    cell718cell71815 dager siden
  • this is just going to be real life in 10 years or so

    freaktownfreaktown15 dager siden

    Kevin VillaseñorKevin Villaseñor15 dager siden
  • The cast is too young. Too clean. Needs some grit. But not bad overall.

    Boba SquidBoba Squid16 dager siden
  • This fucking rules

    Sewer BoySewer Boy16 dager siden

    Chase ErwinChase Erwin16 dager siden
  • Virtual Prison is the life of these fools. their total professionals at this shit

    rikki dannyrikki danny16 dager siden
  • this is a mood, and a vibe. he's great.. he deserves lots and lots of cash

    honeycrystalhoneycrystal16 dager siden
  • Miles better and far more interesting than that Birdgirl trash you released couple days ago

    Cerebro MadreCerebro Madre16 dager siden

    dillon loldillon lol16 dager siden
  • this is viral

    Mr SpaghettiMr Spaghetti16 dager siden