Rick and Morty Babies | adult swim junior

31. mars. 2021
2 662 045 Ganger

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  • emm

    KiibroKiibro14 timer siden
  • Rick yMorty versión NOtown kids

    gato xd dddgato xd dddDag siden
  • jokes on you... I skipped the theme song.

    Gurpreet KaurGurpreet KaurDag siden
  • Low-key fire

    InanAKAthebossInanAKAthebossDag siden
  • no

    The best Cookie manThe best Cookie manDag siden
  • Only 90's kids get this joke!

    OniUnitOniUnit2 dager siden
  • This is so weird oh my god

    こりろこりろ2 dager siden
  • Fyi: the creators of this show flew to Epstein island and it shows in the writing.

    Tracker BuckmannTracker Buckmann2 dager siden
  • Morty's hella adorable as a baby tho

    I'm A Goddamn JerryI'm A Goddamn Jerry3 dager siden
  • is this new series i have never seen this

    yeetedyeeted3 dager siden
  • :))

    Traffic LightTraffic Light4 dager siden
  • Perfect

  • Procedo a xd

    karim saidkarim said5 dager siden
  • Imagine if this showed up on Cartoon Network but for kids.

    Emil ColladoEmil Collado5 dager siden
  • every day it passes, we get away from god

    Samuel MárquezSamuel Márquez5 dager siden
  • 🤣

    Kamil TuncerKamil Tuncer6 dager siden
  • poor jery

    Alexander DiazAlexander Diaz6 dager siden
  • Rick and morty for kids version

    Renelen FigueroaRenelen Figueroa6 dager siden
  • Adult Swim Junior is basically Cartoon Network

    Gael LópezGael López7 dager siden
  • Se imaginan que está broma terminaba siendo un episodio de la 5° témporada?

  • i wanna watch

    pacheco- pachecopacheco- pacheco7 dager siden
  • I’m not surprised if this ends up in NOtown kids somehow 😂

    Rodríguez Galindo Adilene AiralíhRodríguez Galindo Adilene Airalíh8 dager siden
  • The music reminds of of E. Gadd's Lab.

    TheMarko33TheMarko338 dager siden
  • uhhh sure why not

    Ray _01Ray _019 dager siden
  • 0:16 my favorite part

    Sesil AdamsSesil Adams9 dager siden
  • so when is the first episode ?

    Mikołaj MulkaMikołaj Mulka10 dager siden
  • Okay first: WHAT?! second: THE F*CK?!?

    FYI i am a spyFYI i am a spy11 dager siden
  • Genius! This show is beyond comprehension for those with average IQ. I do now know how the writers can keep coming up with this! I would give them a reddit gold and a wholesome 100.

    Agent FourteenAgent Fourteen11 dager siden
  • Why’s Rick a baby and Rick is older then jerry

    XtooX!XtooX!11 dager siden
    • because the writers are so genius that we cannot even understand the joke

      Agent FourteenAgent Fourteen11 dager siden
  • So I am guessing this type of Rick and morty will be for kids?

    LucianLucian11 dager siden
  • This pardoy of the theme

    David gibson TVDavid gibson TV12 dager siden
  • 🤣

    Stefano PorcuStefano Porcu13 dager siden
  • This should be an actual episode in season 5

    LilliFranklLilliFrankl13 dager siden
  • Remember: This is cannon.

    JaeloJaelo13 dager siden
  • Baby Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

    PRATIIIPRATIII13 dager siden
  • What fuck

    Der Shaddow ClanDer Shaddow Clan13 dager siden
  • Yes 🥰🥰🥰

    Black StarBlack Star13 dager siden
  • Es real o es una broma?

    ASTROASTRO14 dager siden
    • Si creo

      Josué SalvadorJosué Salvador13 dager siden
  • Nice

    teevi un poco lo que ahiteevi un poco lo que ahi14 dager siden
  • I need one season, please.

    BOR SIVBOR SIV14 dager siden
  • Wey, si quiero ver esa serie de verdad, al estilo casa de los dibujos

    joaquin sanzjoaquin sanz14 dager siden
  • Wtf

    DIODIO14 dager siden
  • Cómo madres logras hacer que un bebé se vea viejo

    Santiago BurgosSantiago Burgos15 dager siden
  • Adult swim junior la wea buena

    Quien mas que ChileballQuien mas que Chileball15 dager siden
  • La mejor broma de [adult swim]

    Elias CocarElias Cocar15 dager siden
  • this sounds like nelward

    flamingolegsflamingolegs15 dager siden
  • 0:11 My favorite part of the intro is when baby Morty chews on baby Rick's portal gun and baby Rick crys

    Skylar AlexanderSkylar Alexander16 dager siden
  • as there are infinite dimensions and endless posibilities in rick and morty, this is canon, somewhere

    CorpsgardCorpsgard16 dager siden
  • I wanna see this Baby universe in the next season now

    Alei CMAlei CM16 dager siden
  • I would totally watch it if it came out

    Hug StuntsHug Stunts16 dager siden
  • plis kill me

    WallhakWallhak16 dager siden
  • das ist selbst für rick und morty Verhältnisse verrückt

    JacksDunkleMärchenJacksDunkleMärchen17 dager siden
  • This type of sequence should be in a mindfuck episode

    DRE2KDRE2K17 dager siden
  • Rick Is now grandpa the kid

    ya boii skellyya boii skelly17 dager siden
  • Wait why is Jerry is an adult and Rick is the child? IS JERRY FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION?

    SupersonicmcroySupersonicmcroy17 dager siden
  • 0:22 Baby Summer is soooo cute

    Spidergirl 3145Spidergirl 314517 dager siden
  • 0:08

    Lauris GaleanaLauris Galeana19 dager siden
  • adult goo goo ga ga

    احمد جمال Ahmad jamalاحمد جمال Ahmad jamal19 dager siden
  • Would love to see them come out with a episode like that

    Mar Mar PettyMar Mar Petty20 dager siden
  • Anyone find the music absolutely adorable?!

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez21 dag siden
  • babality

    Shahin says sad factsShahin says sad facts21 dag siden
  • I legitimately like this theme music better than the OG theme music.

    Paul Dunkirk-GreenbaumPaul Dunkirk-Greenbaum22 dager siden
  • The song unironically slaps. We need a full version or even an extended one.

    DrakonusDrakonus22 dager siden
  • woah

    Summer PiratesSummer Pirates23 dager siden
  • I want a full season of this

    Billy MalvoBilly Malvo23 dager siden
  • Let’s do a PG friendly version c’mon

    CarananaCaranana23 dager siden
  • Adult swim, its no real.

    Andreas WorldAndreas World24 dager siden
  • Rick and morty rules 👽👽👽

    Karim MoujtahidKarim Moujtahid24 dager siden
  • It’s funny but the timeline makes no sense. When Rick was a baby Morty wouldn’t have even been born yet. And Rick is older that Jerry so for Jerry to be an adult Rick would have to be an adult too. The only thing that makes sense is that Summer is a toddler while Morty is a baby. Anyway, it’s still funny.

    Lea WilsonLea Wilson25 dager siden
  • No one: NOtown: I don't know man, feels like youtube kids to me

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu25 dager siden
  • this brings me make to my childhood

    peanut butter toastpeanut butter toast25 dager siden
  • Why you all "hate"Jerry thooo He just put out a strange baby and that's all 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

    Konstantinos VKonstantinos V25 dager siden
  • One question is it true that they are going to release the 5 season of Ricky and Morty

    JonathanJonathan25 dager siden
  • how adult swim can be junior while its adult swim

    Durmuş KöksalDurmuş Köksal25 dager siden
    • Still technically cannon.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu25 dager siden
  • This gives me a real 90s vibe.

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt25 dager siden
  • This is an April Fools prank but hey think of it this way, think of it less as something fake, and more of it just being another universe 😌

    Cloe BurkeCloe Burke26 dager siden
  • Where was Beth?

    Giran 0Giran 026 dager siden
  • This maybe nothing but, Could this hint that Rick is portal fluid? The stuff he burps is him trying to prevent his reflux from puking up Portals? Also is this also where C137 Rick remembers a baby Morty? Noticed that baby Rick Made it through, but not his Morty. Also notice that Jerry is unchanged. Could this be a Universe everyone's a baby and Jerry was Rick's idiot for a moment to at least Hold Morty as a baby which is why its so hard for him to feel like how most Ricks feel about their own Morty? Also Beth's Brainwaves are being monitored too, Its just that Her Morty is a Jerry😂😃 Noticed the Benjamin Button baby that Jerry's Holding. 🤣

    Bat WeaselBat Weasel26 dager siden
    • Baby-swim

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt25 dager siden
  • Rick y morty 🤣🤣

    el Rick de la dimension 5el Rick de la dimension 526 dager siden
  • Feels like something they would do in a Morty's mindblowers or story train kind of episode.

    Rock girlRock girl26 dager siden
  • Groovy.

    Basement DwellerBasement Dweller26 dager siden
  • Sorry but what the f🦊ck???

    Kızıl TİLKİKızıl TİLKİ26 dager siden
  • I will show this show to my baby 24/7 if u do this. And when shes 13 yrs old then the "adult" version hahaha

    Michel LambergMichel Lamberg26 dager siden
    • @Rock girl lol.. i can imagine there is 1000000 other uncomfortable stuff in the whole series if u look so careful like u hahaha

      Michel LambergMichel Lamberg26 dager siden
    • I hate how the flying thing at the end has teeth all the way down its throat, imagine how uncomfortable that would be

      Rock girlRock girl26 dager siden
  • Oh, spoilers of the New series😉 It will be interesting)

    Youtube UserYoutube User26 dager siden
  • Just bring back Aqua Team Hunger Force already.

    John NealJohn Neal27 dager siden
  • So is this dimension gonna be in season five?

    Ur_Regular_KingUr_Regular_King27 dager siden
  • So this is why Rick and Morty season five is all the way in June.

    Seth DaleSeth Dale27 dager siden
  • Still technically cannon.

    JoaquiniumJoaquinium27 dager siden
  • It’s like if Cartoon Network smashed us Total Dramarama & Apple and Onion and mixed it together... and then they rubbed it on Rick and Morty.

    ItsChaseItsChase27 dager siden
  • forget rugrats i wanna see this

    Queen MeowTigeressQueen MeowTigeress27 dager siden
  • What did I just witness

    NuggetNugget27 dager siden
  • no...

    RØSEOFFRØSEOFF27 dager siden
  • Baby-swim

    catcat27 dager siden
  • Summer looks weird

    Damian MendezDamian Mendez27 dager siden
  • Feels like something they would do in a Morty's mindblowers or story train kind of episode.

    asioe kiouasioe kiou27 dager siden
  • Va a ser una serie o es como una mini serie de cortos?

    el _otomiel _otomi27 dager siden
  • Ps5 in rick and morty

    Sharon GonzalezSharon Gonzalez27 dager siden
  • I hate how the flying thing at the end has teeth all the way down its throat, imagine how uncomfortable that would be

    Johny WuijtsJohny Wuijts27 dager siden
    • @asioe kiou ok? idk why you replied that to my comment

      Johny WuijtsJohny Wuijts26 dager siden
    • Bro baby Rick and Morty wasn't that funny to me.

      asioe kiouasioe kiou27 dager siden
  • I think I had a dream like this once

    Felix Talks FilmFelix Talks Film28 dager siden
  • Mini Rick

    Ernesto RodriguezErnesto Rodriguez28 dager siden