Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine | adult swim

30. april. 2021
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The simulation is corrupt - repair the core.
Animated by Paul Robertson
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#PaulRobertson #RickAndMorty #EternalNightmareMachine
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  • 15:02 This bitch empty. YEEEET

    Angelo CarboneAngelo Carbone19 minutter siden
  • Sound tracks Guy? Amazing content 🔥

    Sammy G.OSammy G.O25 minutter siden
  • omg this was so amazing

    Raymond van WykRaymond van Wyk27 minutter siden
  • 2:35 LET'S GOOOO

    Angelo CarboneAngelo Carbone33 minutter siden
  • Чёткая работа, аж детство вспомнил 😂👍салам из Ингушетии

    Адам ГалаАдам ГалаTime siden
  • LOl Надпись МИР на 15:45 приятно удивила

    ТеселТеселTime siden

    Jedi MonkJedi MonkTime siden
  • This is completely AMAZEBALLS! The colors, the fights, everything is so well thought out! The pixelated animation is top-notch! Damn. Damn damn....

    Kim TranKim TranTime siden
  • Where can i see more! O r wait nvmlol

    Fallen EngelFallen EngelTime siden
  • So many Bill Psypher refrences.

    George JenkinsGeorge JenkinsTime siden
  • Is this a game!?!?

    Fallen EngelFallen EngelTime siden
  • That was awesomely nostalgic! Anyone looking for a game with a similar feel should look into CrossCode on Steam; not quite the same style but definitely gives you that fun retro/action/puzzler nostalgia

    Matt WalsworthMatt WalsworthTime siden
  • Can we all admire Paul Robertson right now who created enough pixel-art animations to actually make a whole game solely for the purpose of an animated short?

    UshimimiUshimimiTime siden
  • It kind of reminds me of 90s metal slug

    cris dlcruzcris dlcruzTime siden
  • Just smoked a BIG bowl and then this shows up. WTF I’m so high.

    Grumpy MunchkinGrumpy MunchkinTime siden
  • I could watch this for hours

    ConnorConnor2 timer siden
  • Who's the girl next to Tricia and Jessica? (The one who made this is the C-137 animator, the artistest artist)

    Gino MoralesGino Morales2 timer siden
  • 11:07 for the weebs 😏

    David WildebeestDavid Wildebeest2 timer siden
  • Kinda looks like Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    Gerard Pondar VelezGerard Pondar Velez2 timer siden
  • Someone has to make this real

    Alej RandomAlej Random2 timer siden
  • Ooooohhh so that's what plumbuses are for :D

    Alej RandomAlej Random2 timer siden
  • Wow, that was fantastic.

    Ricardo HowardRicardo Howard2 timer siden
  • You Guys are gold man 💚 Love

    Cedric KisselCedric Kissel2 timer siden
  • So that's what a Plumbus is used for

    Lord HagarLord Hagar2 timer siden
  • Great ending. The rest really was a nightmare.

    S JS J3 timer siden
  • “God damnnnnnn” 😂😂😂

    Evan HuffmanEvan Huffman3 timer siden
  • Amazing, lots of references

    evozimhvevozimhv3 timer siden
  • 개미쳤네

    KyuHeon RhoKyuHeon Rho3 timer siden
  • Adult Swim: Animating Rick and Morty takes a lot of time. That's why new seasons take so long. Also Adult Swim: Here's a 20 minute *pixel art* animation for you guys while you wait.

    parsuli.parsuli.3 timer siden
  • I see a lot of bill cypher is in here nice

    TheFangroadTheFangroad4 timer siden
  • I see a lot of bill cypher is in here nice

    TheFangroadTheFangroad4 timer siden
    • Wow....... This is absolutely incredible! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      annag coclannag cocl3 timer siden
  • This is awesome!

    睡不醒的小麦睡不醒的小麦4 timer siden
    • Imagine if this was a actual game I would be so in for that

      annag coclannag cocl3 timer siden

    Lil ArsinixLil Arsinix4 timer siden
  • I can't ignore Baphomet, saturn, reptiles, instan pyramid eye, egiptian eyes, Kali, moloch, yggdrasil ...

    Bile NoireBile Noire4 timer siden
  • the camera movement really adds to the art

    SroSro4 timer siden
  • Bruh getting Dan the man game vibes here😂

    Ruhaan SavantRuhaan Savant4 timer siden
  • Amazing spriteworj

    ayy lmaoayy lmao4 timer siden
  • How much time does it take to create this peace of art?

    Сын Татьяны сводной сестры жены РавиляСын Татьяны сводной сестры жены Равиля4 timer siden
  • the sound track is amazing !!

    RavenzeroRavenzero4 timer siden
  • So when is the game releasing?

    deon Springfielddeon Springfield4 timer siden
  • The first time I was channel surfing and came across this I was immediately hooked!! I didn't know if it was a real rick and morty but it didn't matter! This was sooo awesome!!!!!

    TJ PaGeTJ PaGe4 timer siden
  • OK but we know Morty would never fight like this, he’s just a human cloaking device with his *clears throat* Morty waves covering Ricks genius waves

    Gema Yescas AlemánGema Yescas Alemán4 timer siden
    • By the way, you are really pretty

      Alpha KarpenkoAlpha Karpenko4 timer siden
    • 😂

      Alpha KarpenkoAlpha Karpenko4 timer siden

    Dan DragonDan Dragon4 timer siden
  • I can't wait for the next season featuring George Floyd and kamala Harris as key characters in every episode.

    Robert mRobert m5 timer siden
  • Adult Swim!!!!!!! Stop playing with us and make this a real game already!!! I would play this game till my thumbs fall off lol

    TattertotmanTattertotman5 timer siden
  • Imagine if this was a actual game I would be so in for that

    sefton Sinclairsefton Sinclair5 timer siden
  • Wow....... This is absolutely incredible! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    VenoVeno5 timer siden
  • If this game is made mobile holy hell

    Ernesto PonceErnesto Ponce5 timer siden
  • my favourite part of this is that it is technically all canon.

    momocosimomocosi5 timer siden
  • metal slug souvenirs

    JordanJordan5 timer siden
  • Animation: Legendary Soundtrack: Legendary

    RTV 213RTV 2136 timer siden
  • Anyone else notice the explicit use of occult, satanic, and christian symbols in this presentation?

    pawbardpawbard6 timer siden
    • @Gabe Puratekuta what’s his background?

      pawbardpawbardTime siden
    • Just regular Paul Robertson imagery.

      Gabe PuratekutaGabe Puratekuta6 timer siden
  • this is 10x better on 2x speed.

    selwonkselwonk6 timer siden
  • I got everything but the girl in the bath ....what?

    Simon VenerosSimon Veneros6 timer siden
  • That end sequence though.

    DeusImperiumDeusImperium6 timer siden
    • Just imagine this as the final battle against Evil Morty.

      DeusImperiumDeusImperium6 timer siden
  • Brah!

    Alexander GreffinAlexander Greffin6 timer siden
  • "If all you got is a Morty, everything looks like something that can be fixed by a: Hammer/Car/Axe/Gun"

    Christopher GChristopher G6 timer siden
  • More like Rick and Morty vs The World

    Kaio_K!dKaio_K!d6 timer siden
    • Paul Robertson did make the visuals for the Scott Pilgrim game, after all.

      Gabe PuratekutaGabe Puratekuta6 timer siden
  • Make this game!!!

    Gabriel McGinnGabriel McGinn6 timer siden
  • I want this game NOW!!!!

    Paulo SilvaPaulo Silva6 timer siden

    LAUDs RealmLAUDs Realm6 timer siden
  • The boss battle with all of the monitors in the background reminds me of an Xmen game I owned for Sega Genesis. After fighting Mojo, you're supposed to reset a computer in the game. Thing is, to accomplish this you literally have to press the physical reset button on your Sega Genesis. What kid would think to do that when there were no saves and this is the second to last level in the game? It was insane. Interesting, and insane.

    ꧁༺Arrogant Amateur༻꧂꧁༺Arrogant Amateur༻꧂6 timer siden
  • lit af

    pins just pinspins just pins6 timer siden

    Pucker ButtonPucker Button6 timer siden
  • 2:29: *Morty turns into a convertible* *LETS GOO!!*

    xlarenzoxxlarenzox7 timer siden
    • Looks more like a 2-door sedan to me. It's still an awesome transformation, though.

      Gabe PuratekutaGabe Puratekuta6 timer siden
  • I'll literally pay for a game based on this

    AngryFish 5AngryFish 57 timer siden
  • 13:18 BILL CIPHER?!?

    Kayron67Kayron677 timer siden
  • I wanna play!!!

    Dude ManDude Man7 timer siden
  • Hay un juego en el que este inspirado ? Entiendo qje parece un beat em up de scroll lateral

    Hiram MoranteHiram Morante7 timer siden
  • Bro this isn't even a game and it's already better than pocket mortys

    Bigman JojoBigman Jojo7 timer siden
  • This was such a great experience! So creative and fun’s and funny! I loved it! I want to play this game lol! I’m give this a A+ 😊🤗🥳

    Nancy EvansNancy Evans7 timer siden
  • Shut up! And take my money!

    I'm BatmanI'm Batman7 timer siden
  • I mean he couldve taken a portal to the end, but nice he didnt

    Skater XL LegendSkater XL Legend7 timer siden
  • What is my purpose? To kick ass and spit out nails of doom rock!

    unholycharlesunholycharles8 timer siden

    Ammo PosadaAmmo Posada8 timer siden
  • Wooow!!!!!! Thebest game foreva

    SirWilliamfrederick Monsieur Le WokSirWilliamfrederick Monsieur Le Wok8 timer siden
  • it s totally insane..wow!!!

    Zenz OxtwoZenz Oxtwo8 timer siden
  • All I can do is contemplate what it would be like to take this video to 100+ years ago and watch someone watch this

    ianrandmckenzieianrandmckenzie8 timer siden
  • I WANT MORE....

    Christopher HutchinsonChristopher Hutchinson8 timer siden
  • This is the best video of 2021. Paul Robertson, you nailed in the Internet!

    Artur LemosArtur Lemos8 timer siden
  • This video felt like it was never going to end

    Thomas HardingThomas Harding8 timer siden
    • It never should have ended!

      Gabe PuratekutaGabe Puratekuta5 timer siden
  • Siiiiiiiick

    Amcool Th DegenerateAmcool Th Degenerate8 timer siden
  • Did Adult Swim just sold their souls to cupcakes???

    Angel :DAngel :D9 timer siden
  • Propably an EPIC MEGAGAMES excusive.

    Dr.PlasmaDr.Plasma9 timer siden
  • I love the music in the area where Tammy and scary tarry appear

    Timecrimson 84Timecrimson 849 timer siden
  • 11:00 when u order gamer girl bath water

    TaoTao9 timer siden
  • glad it isnt a real game. this pace is fine for ani.ation but would suck for a game. anyone complaining, just be grateful its huat a sick af animation

    Ian Ingold・15 years agoIan Ingold・15 years ago9 timer siden
  • finally I get to see what a plumbus is for!

    amishrobotsamishrobots9 timer siden
  • Best 17min

    Kemps SKemps S9 timer siden
  • Wow. This was amazing. Great job

    Chris SmithChris Smith9 timer siden
  • Please please please make this into a game & DO NOT change a thing!!

    joe mccormickjoe mccormick9 timer siden
  • Best thing I’ve seen in a while well done adult swim

    billy reardonbilly reardon9 timer siden
  • I love how many times Rick just turns Morty into a tool

    undertale gamerundertale gamer9 timer siden
  • I have no words that can do this justice...

    Grey Bar0nGrey Bar0n10 timer siden
  • I know Rick doesn't do sequels but I'd love to have another one of these.

    Nate StephensonNate Stephenson10 timer siden
  • Straight up MegaMan

    Ridikolous xRidikolous x10 timer siden
  • This clip is so good that the actual game can only be disappointing

    glaswasserglaswasser10 timer siden
  • wow, that actually gave me seizures

    Robson CostaRobson Costa10 timer siden
  • Please make sure to include this in the special features when season 5 hits dvd/blu-ray

    Tony MarchisioTony Marchisio10 timer siden