Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

20. nov.. 2020
4 114 243 Ganger

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  • "Go play ps5" Me : *i dont have money*

    HadbrineHadbrineMinutt siden
  • lol

    Mark BlazeMark Blaze4 minutter siden
  • and then there is just me who will hopefully be able to afford it in 2 years

    LoneDragon_SKGLoneDragon_SKG5 minutter siden

    yeligunyeligun5 minutter siden
  • We would if we could.

    KaimancerKaimancer6 minutter siden
  • Too bad I can't fucking buy one

    Rat FuckerRat Fucker10 minutter siden
  • So are we getting a new season or not?

    Reklaw StudiosReklaw Studios10 minutter siden
  • We can't even get the fucking thing anymore stop paying people to do ads for it 💀

    Mally- -WallyMally- -Wally14 minutter siden
  • I can’t even start my gaming channel since Walmart Bull Sh*t every time

    Hot PlayStationHot PlayStation19 minutter siden
  • PC Master Race

    Mark PMark P21 minutt siden
  • Well at least Rick has a portal gun so he can go to another Universe on wear the PlayStation and Xbox is not going to be sold out on Black Friday. And not getting another shipment until 2021

    Mr. mysterious shadowMr. mysterious shadow25 minutter siden
  • If I was some sort of big name I wish (wow, two hypotheticals already) I could get away with saying: "They paid me a lot of money to sell you this, so go buy it", but I kinda get the impression most sponsorships, they want you to pretend you actually like the product

    BossBattleProductionsBossBattleProductions26 minutter siden
  • I see Sony's selling out to everyone once again.

    CainGamerTV 2.0CainGamerTV 2.028 minutter siden
  • The only ad I'll voluntarily watch

    SeverinsenSeverinsen29 minutter siden
  • Best ad ever

    Nahuel RossiNahuel Rossi37 minutter siden
  • Ill buy it as soon as y’all make more I guess

    Juan Carlos MatiasJuan Carlos Matias41 minutt siden
  • I usualy hate ads poping up in videos, but I would pay for this sh*t to pop in on me

    iMicroiMicro44 minutter siden
  • Ps5 is like that Turbo man doll this year

    Andrew S.M.Andrew S.M.48 minutter siden
  • Sony paid out the ass for this

    one piece is the worst animeone piece is the worst anime57 minutter siden
  • "You looked into the bleeding jaws of capitalism and said 'Yes daddy please'"

    Emily AnEmily An59 minutter siden
  • I don't like Rick and Morty, and I don't like PlayStation. But this ad was good

    KnightKnightTime siden
  • Ooo haptic feedback. Like on the xbox one?

    Myke DayMyke DayTime siden
  • 🔨⭕

  • PlayStation: “Play has no limits” me: if only that would be the same for the ps5's them self.. |still waiting to get one|

    Buddyboy TheBuddyboy TheTime siden
    • With what they're doing- the PS5 sucks, even japan has been protesting it.

      Emily AnEmily An59 minutter siden
  • My country is selling at $1800, thats roughly $1400USD, godamnit!

    FragileSilverFragileSilverTime siden
  • Rick is funny as fuck best carton character

    Divinee TrayDivinee TrayTime siden
  • BUY A PS5 every store rn sold out Everyone: well then

    Divinee TrayDivinee TrayTime siden
  • I'm so desperate for Rick & morty content I'm watching this on loop and pretending it's a real episode.

    Emma SmithersEmma SmithersTime siden
  • How every add should be

    Wiffibugel B.H.Wiffibugel B.H.Time siden
  • Does ps5 really needs an ad?

    DragonXDDarkDragonXDDarkTime siden
  • U tellin me there’s 5k Rick and morty fans who didn’t like this? Or just 5k Rick and morty haters?

    Scott ShaferScott ShaferTime siden
  • How about XBox army?

    Dead BeanDead BeanTime siden
  • The problem is not buying the ps5, the real problem is adding it to cart before out of stock.

    Badru 9Badru 9Time siden
  • Xbox le gana

    Itz ZythelItz ZythelTime siden
  • the only ad that i intentionally clicked to watch

    Cyan MinoCyan MinoTime siden
  • Just go get a real PC...

    AZURE officialAZURE officialTime siden
  • I am not able to!

    JacktusJacktusTime siden
  • With what they're doing- the PS5 sucks, even japan has been protesting it.

    Adam SchmidtAdam SchmidtTime siden
  • Best commercial ever.

    רוני אלולרוני אלולTime siden
  • Me: mom can we back ps5 Mom: no we have no ps5

    gumball the wattersongumball the wattersonTime siden
  • Instead of a season 5 we get a ps5 ad

    Runtime Error_ALT_464Runtime Error_ALT_4642 timer siden
  • Best add for playstation I've ever seen

    RatnamRatnam2 timer siden
  • "Go play PS5 FUCK MY ASS" - Rick Sanchez, 2020

    Alchemistic AcademicianAlchemistic Academician2 timer siden
  • Rather have a refrigerator

    HF 1O1HF 1O12 timer siden
  • Why are thet advertising a product that you can't even buy

    42422 timer siden
  • play has no limits, but the stores do!

    Emil BløcherEmil Bløcher2 timer siden
  • I Heard a Voice coming through my game my PS4 is not a human is not a robot it sound like a demon tormenting me (BASED ON MY TRUE STORY)

    Anonymous person positiveAnonymous person positive2 timer siden
  • Play has no limits but stock

    Maarten KeusMaarten Keus2 timer siden
  • 🥰🎮🕹

    Enrique Ramirez PeñaEnrique Ramirez Peña2 timer siden
  • them assholes at sony did it they took the 1 thing we love and crushed to try and trick us Xbox forever, not gae-station

    Amar MannAmar Mann2 timer siden
  • No way the controller has both trigger buttons AND haptic feedback!? THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!! Except all consoles, for a really long time now.

    Michael ThulinMichael Thulin2 timer siden
  • So you got time to make a damn add but not the damn season

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin2 timer siden
  • i love you rick and morty but im not buying the ps5 still love you guys

    cjstudio1000cjstudio10002 timer siden
  • Dafuq the point in advertising something they can't supply.

    Tce HausTce Haus2 timer siden
  • jajajajaja me encanto

    an3sthesiaan3sthesia2 timer siden
  • even be Rick from the parallel universe, can't buy ps5 if you live in Turkey

    Tolga ÇinarTolga Çinar2 timer siden
  • :D

    Ömer türelÖmer türel2 timer siden
  • Pura mierda ...

    Tarildo perit Tertere teledeTarildo perit Tertere telede2 timer siden
  • Its nowhere available

    []CR3D0{}[]CR3D0{}2 timer siden
  • I love brand

    PersistentKoffingPersistentKoffing2 timer siden

    sadecekanalxd XDsadecekanalxd XD3 timer siden
  • Reminds of the train add them put in one of the episodes.

    Ali AkbarzadeAli Akbarzade3 timer siden
  • But they asked nintendo to sponsor them lol

    Sahejpreet DhingraSahejpreet Dhingra3 timer siden
  • I can't believe I actually clicked to watch this, fml

    Charles MiddletonCharles Middleton3 timer siden
  • Rejoice, people, I for one will not compete with you to buy a PS5... PC Master Race, babay ! My RTX3090 is in the mail !

    Jean RochJean Roch3 timer siden
  • How do Sony never know to make enough PlayStation on release? I hate this marketing strategy.

    Sean BhattiSean Bhatti3 timer siden
  • If there'll be a PlayStation 5 pro, it'll be out of stock in 10 minutes

    The Big CringeThe Big Cringe3 timer siden
  • Idk why but it’s funny to see when Rick and Morty sells out and they give their sales pitch

    Isaiah.MIsaiah.M3 timer siden
  • This is genius 🤪🤣

    ByteByte3 timer siden
  • You'd think rick could either just take money or like, make it easily. I always thought he didn't care about money because it was a non-factor for him

    sighofreliefsighofrelief3 timer siden
  • Well we’d buy the console.......if it was fucking available!!!!!!!!!!!

    S BwachaS Bwacha3 timer siden
  • Playstation is so a shit..

    Le PaLe Pa3 timer siden
  • Wonder when we're gonna get more rick and morty EP's.. yeah I'll wait to get a ps5 when they're not 800 bucks..

    texasrider 4D5texasrider 4D53 timer siden
  • It couldn't be because everyone likes play 5 if it doesn't meet 120 fps the xbox is better if it meets 120 fps

    aBitegUiSaBitegUiS3 timer siden
  • Honestly this made we want to buy it more than any “normal” or “serious” ad could have

    TopsideTopside3 timer siden
  • imagine buying a ps5 from a scalper

    a mandaloriana mandalorian3 timer siden
  • They think we not buying cuase we dont want to but its becuase we cant!

    RoninRonin3 timer siden
  • Apparently, 30 sec really is enough to make somebody rewatch the whole thing

    KristianKristian3 timer siden
  • Morty... Tell them about the thing!

    camramastercamramaster3 timer siden
  • But I can't Rick the scalpers have them all

    Da'Sean KelleyDa'Sean Kelley3 timer siden
  • So they're paying you to do this when they are sold out

    GGMAKEGGMAKE4 timer siden
  • so... when can i get one?

    philj212philj2124 timer siden
  • Rick ,"Shill Morty! Shill! Shill like my- our funding depended on it!" Morty, "Aw jeez, I don't know Rick, the PS5 is great and all with some great graphics and speed, but I feel like it's been overhyped more than-" Rick, "Alright that's good enough. Buy the thing everyone." Morty, "That's it?" Rick, "Yeah. So how about we go play some Minecraft?" Morty, "On the PS5?" Rick, "What? No you little scrub, on the PC! Who the hell plays Minecraft on a console?"

    Chris SmithChris Smith4 timer siden
  • Rick can't make better?

    Çirkef TavukÇirkef Tavuk4 timer siden
  • I'm buying the ps5 cuz of this ad

    Ashton McMurrayAshton McMurray4 timer siden
  • Man I really miss my boys Also PS5 is out of stock literally everywhere

    uSkizzikuSkizzik4 timer siden
  • Ok

    Spyros GiantsoulisSpyros Giantsoulis4 timer siden
  • *Carries on playing PC games @1080p like the scrub he is and loves it*

    Colin SutherlandColin Sutherland4 timer siden
  • “Alright Were Done. Go Play PlayStation 5, F### My A##!”

    02337755023377554 timer siden
  • That's why I always say: ~power your dreams and buy the better console

    YharonDXYharonDX4 timer siden
  • I never thought it would be so hard to give a company my money

    1-908-1295E1-908-1295E4 timer siden
  • "Sony, give me free stuff!"

    D-Voice GoldcubeD-Voice Goldcube4 timer siden
  • Play has no limits the ps5 has a limit

    Jayis fireJayis fire4 timer siden
  • fisrt

    DIO SENSEIDIO SENSEI4 timer siden
  • Rick:: Jokes on You if you have one... Never buy the 1st run of a console morty ... Morty:: why Rick ??? Rick : It like paying to be a beta tester... only idiots do that Morty.. Idiots!!!

    DjjdynomikeDjjdynomike4 timer siden
  • Preordered the damned thing on Sept 26. Still waiting 😪

    Alkis D.Alkis D.4 timer siden
  • cringe

    HgergoHgergo4 timer siden
  • Ok I’m sold, BUT SO IS THE PS5

    Beats By BayaBeats By Baya4 timer siden
  • You know I would IF I COULD FIND ONE

    Frozen PeasFrozen Peas4 timer siden
  • yeah ok

    Mr PeacockMr Peacock4 timer siden