Pay Day | Birdgirl | adult swim

9. april. 2021
77 690 Ganger

New Birdgirl on Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim.
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  • Wherefore art thou Harvey?

    Nachos Rule 69Nachos Rule 698 dager siden
  • so why did they decide to recreate one of the wittiest clever comedic shows of the late 90s early 2000s with this Tumblr Teenage girl humor show????

    Wonder RustWonder Rust10 dager siden
  • Sooo... There's no trials with WB characters?

    BlustarGalaga 5555BlustarGalaga 555511 dager siden
  • Lotta incels and snowflakes in the comments, really shows how fragile dudes are nowadays

    Brandon JordanBrandon Jordan13 dager siden
  • Oh weird that guy survived somehow

    Moist EnvelopesMoist Envelopes16 dager siden
  • This is very bland compared to Harvey birdman.

    warkeewarkee17 dager siden
  • Not even remotely funny. Just two “girlfriends” bantering in the office. Why didn’t they create new characters instead of leeching of the old show? You know the answer, the SJWs can’t stand not smearing their feces over anything that brought joy and they have no talent or creativity. This unfunny desexed Birdgirl is one of the signs of The End Of Days. The old show had jokes, audible and visible coming at you a mile a second, hell sometimes even after repeated viewings you’ll catch something you missed years ago!

    Jame RetiefJame Retief17 dager siden
  • Remember: Michael Ouweleen, who created the old show is also the current president of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, created this show.

    The Letter TenThe Letter Ten17 dager siden
    • Erik Richter is the one mostly running it though (the other Birdman co-creator). It pretty obvious this show was a favor to get Erik a pay day.

      ThePainTrainThePainTrain16 dager siden
  • yawn

    slow sodaslow soda18 dager siden
  • this episode was rly bad. many of the scenes made no sense and were just there to be used for the promo trailers. the complimentary arc of the secretary was completely just idiotic feminist crap.

    CerbyoCerbyo18 dager siden
    • I just thought the Secretary parts were just gags, didn't even remember a single thing that happened during those parts. Most memorable thing about the episode was the guest star that voiced the bear. If it stays bad *AND* boring I don't think this show will survive

      CT SCT S18 dager siden
  • noope

    calibanite sword swingercalibanite sword swinger19 dager siden
  • I can't stand women and to know that they are allowed To do whatever they want makes me want to throw up

    A Man Without A CountryA Man Without A Country19 dager siden
    • Whoa man the show ain't good but this really isn't related to the show

      CT SCT S18 dager siden
  • I would love for them to do a crossover with the Harley Quinn show That would be pretty neat

    ChicagojonChicagojon19 dager siden
  • So funny. I even forgot what laughter is.

    Zeo •Zeo •20 dager siden
  • 0:16: I instantly ship it.

    jbleichmanjbleichman20 dager siden
    • @CT S Juredith the BirdTaker OTP 4eva

      jbleichmanjbleichman17 dager siden
    • what

      CT SCT S18 dager siden
  • Derivative from Archer, and trying to shove down our throats strong female clichés.

    TrasherBinerTrasherBiner20 dager siden
  • Adult Swim never had a huge female audience who is the show for this is not going past two seasons tops

    Curt GrayCurt Gray20 dager siden
  • what did they do to my boy....

    Curt GrayCurt Gray20 dager siden
  • Birdman fans: "I object to this!" Smiling Friends fans: "I just wanted my *cheeeeeese!* "

    Rae MercierRae Mercier21 dag siden
    • adult swim fans are the saltiest on the earth

      sdefsdef17 dager siden

      Elmer J FappElmer J Fapp17 dager siden
  • Sooooo... why is the episode unavailable??

    Niall ByrneNiall Byrne21 dag siden
  • Horrific things. Wonderful things.

    a 7a 721 dag siden
  • Why does this show feel like it was written by SJW's trying to be edgy?

    bud389bud38921 dag siden
  • Where are these thousand plus likes coming from?!

    NicholasNicholas21 dag siden
    • @Nicholas mostly bland and boring, I watched both to fall asleep last night and I discovered a new joke lmao

      CT SCT S20 dager siden
    • @CT S well I'm curious of what others think of it. What did you think of the first two episodes?

      NicholasNicholas20 dager siden
    • I'll be coming in for season one just for curiosity, if it gets to a second season though ill dip

      CT SCT S21 dag siden
    • @ThePainTrain It had even less views for it's premiere with tons more marketing than that Harvey Birdman special, a show 18 years old at that point. You're right, and Adult Swim is in no position financially to waste money on something that can't bring in views.

      greasel from papa's foot soakingsgreasel from papa's foot soakings21 dag siden
    • @ThePainTrain I gave the premier a shot just to see if I was wrong. Tell you the truth I couldn't even make it through 10 minutes of it. It's slow it's boring there's no memorable characters and it's just a shell of its former self. It just drags on and on and it's just very boring. Judy just yells the whole time with no humor or substance.. What were they thinking?!

      NicholasNicholas21 dag siden
  • This show is just a shell of Harvey Birdman attorney at Law. It has all of the visual elements that draws you in but quickly lets you down. It seems just severely lacking! The scene was not at all funny... unless i missed the joke. Characters are forgettable and Judy is too loud & unfunny. The only thing that made me laugh was when she opened the box and i heard the trademark Phil "HaHAAA" . I don't really understand why this is a Revival everyone that appreciated the old show was happy with the entire series and even how it ended it was the perfect way to send them off. What was Adult Swim thinking?

    NicholasNicholas21 dag siden
  • I really like this show for some reason.

    Cheese & RiceCheese & Rice22 dager siden
    • "Poor Soul"

      MissMittensMissMittens5 dager siden
  • I was trigered with the title, so I thought it was about Pay Day - The Game

    Artemiy MaleykoArtemiy Maleyko22 dager siden
  • So besides reusing bird girl this is nothing like Harvey bird man?

    officialARMYclanofficialARMYclan22 dager siden
    • It's got flashes of Birdman like humor, but the voice actors other than paget suck and it's obviously playing to political correctness, which limits it's ability to be funny.

      ThePainTrainThePainTrain16 dager siden
  • 10000 points to whoever else heard the subtle Phil "Ha-Ha" when judy opened the chest 😋

    Sara BakirSara Bakir22 dager siden
    • I didn’t, but thank you for pointing it out!

      RagamuffinBabyDollRagamuffinBabyDoll9 dager siden
  • This is the most boring, inoffensive show adult swim has put out. It's like they looked at the standards and practices skit from aqua teen and George Lowe and decided "let's make a show that complies with what they're making fun of"

    ThePainTrainThePainTrain22 dager siden
  • what a let down.

    dingus mcgeedingus mcgee22 dager siden
  • Bunch of babies in this comment section, crying for nostalgia blankets.

    Mark Zero GamingMark Zero Gaming23 dager siden
    • or maybe they know trash when they see it?

      dingus mcgeedingus mcgee18 dager siden
    • If you take away the fact that this is a Birdman spinoff, this show wouldn't have even been greenlighted. It's not good. Not unwatchable, but not good.

      ThePainTrainThePainTrain22 dager siden
  • [as]

    RoaR fishyRoaR fishy23 dager siden
  • I had no idea he had a daughter

    Villiams 2613Villiams 261323 dager siden
    • *B R U H*

      Nachos Rule 69Nachos Rule 698 dager siden
    • You will laugh, Watch season 3 episode 4 Harvey Birdman it's her debut

      Driver wolfDriver wolf23 dager siden
  • love this show and when will you guys bring the episode on youtube B)

    SpiningSpining23 dager siden
  • More Boring Adult Swim Shows

    Poohoc StunnaPoohoc Stunna23 dager siden
  • I guess we're supposed to force ourselves to think this garbage is funny or be considered sexists?

    Joseph RolandJoseph Roland24 dager siden
    • I'm trying to like the show but it's not funny, it feels SJW or what they think is funny ... but not

      Driver wolfDriver wolf23 dager siden
    • Shouldn't you be blaming the creators of the show, and not the characters? By the way, that was pretty sexist.

      nyvzzznyvzzz23 dager siden
  • Wow! This is trash! Great job, gang! Keep it up!

    Radm. Peso SkrewRadm. Peso Skrew24 dager siden
  • So this is even cheaper Archer? Im sorry, I LOVED Harvey Birdman, but half the charm was the old school animation (combined with the rights to Hanna Barbera characters), plus the amazing voice acting/writing/editing. So the sequel.... brings literally none of that back. This clip, and the trailers, didn't even make me chuckle as much as a 20 year old, 20 second long clip of the original.

    DamiardoDamiardo24 dager siden
  • I'm sure if she were a stenagrapher back on harvey's show she be jus as good at that job beside a intern. Oh he took it with him I thought she meant his remains were in there but crypt works too 0:08 huh odd i thought h.r does the paying alright 0:35 Oh man that never gets old jus cause wut u r 1:02 huh whose that 1:15 oh jus him 💩🚽 no one important ah

    zoid Lloyd 773zoid Lloyd 77324 dager siden
  • I just want to say this show sucks. The jokes don't land, the character designs are ugly, and the animation is stilted.

    KarbiniteKarbinite24 dager siden
  • Where can I buy the therapy care bear knock-off?

    Jackie YoshiJackie Yoshi24 dager siden
  • I never thought I’d say this about any of the Hanna Barbara cartoon characters, but the sheer lack of seen any of them in these clips of this new show is anything but assuring.

    Some Random GuySome Random Guy24 dager siden
  • Have to say adult swim has sold it’s soul. Everything that made the programming a nightly fixture of my life for over a decade is gone. And it’s been replaced with stale woke corporate un funny schlock. I probably could have soldiered on but firing unknown Hinson was my final straw. Haven’t watched. Won’t watch.

    Rocky RoadRocky Road24 dager siden
  • That's hard to watch. Does this pass for funny now?

    Roger BrookeRoger Brooke24 dager siden
  • I think we need to face it, the time of in your face comedy, snippy comedy, and dark humor is over, welcome to the not so funny but overly inclusive future everyone.

    SelvokazSelvokaz24 dager siden
  • ....huh..... I was told that Adult Swim has gone really downhill the last couple of years and after watching this and their other recent shows... HOLY BALLS were they right! Wtf happened to you guys!? All your new stuff besides Primal is just terrible! How could you cancel shows like Metalocalypse, Venture Brothers and replace them with... with THAT?! *Sigh oh how the mighty have fallen.

    GodhandPhemtoGodhandPhemto24 dager siden
  • What is this animation it looks so cheap what happened

    mccobstamccobsta24 dager siden
  • Adult swim is just garbage now.

    hammertoe00hammertoe0024 dager siden
  • Bring back daytime fighting league.

    mick the newtmick the newt24 dager siden
  • I must be getting too old because this was awful to watch...

    marc tremblaymarc tremblay24 dager siden
  • Feels soulless without those Hanna Barbara characters in the background

    RAAM855RAAM85524 dager siden
  • Holy fuck this is bad! RIP Harvey Birdman!

    Aaron ElveyAaron Elvey24 dager siden
  • This is, like everything else, garbage. Bring back Mike and his mystery team .

    hurricanesteve65hurricanesteve6524 dager siden
  • Bring back the Mystery team !

    hurricanesteve65hurricanesteve6524 dager siden
  • This sucks soooo bad :(

    Luke PeretzLuke Peretz24 dager siden
  • I want to love this show. I've been around since early toonami and adult swim. I'll be rooting for ya AS!

    James MartinezJames Martinez24 dager siden
    • Stop feeling loyalty to corporations. They will never return it.

      Spencer LemaySpencer Lemay23 dager siden
    • why tho, besides BG no other og characters are in the show.

      GodhandPhemtoGodhandPhemto24 dager siden
  • Ok I cant. This is just shit. Maybe it needs that atrocious background laugh that sitcoms have because I dont know when Im supposed to laugh. It has nothing in it from the original and if it tries to copy Harley Quinn it does a very bad job.

    Levente ÁcsLevente Ács25 dager siden
  • Cringe

    zacelzacel25 dager siden
  • So many good shows cancelled before their time...

    H SH S25 dager siden
    • @Spencer Lemay Agreed, it blows my mind how stuff like Venture Bros gets cancelled to make way for this.

      H SH S7 dager siden
    • This show deserves to be cancelled.

      Spencer LemaySpencer Lemay7 dager siden
  • 1:28-1:33 Too soon...way too soon. (Although, I was kinda hoping he was dead?) Or in the very least have came back much more later in the show.

    Nate EscobalesNate Escobales25 dager siden
    • @Mmm Ghool long as that toilet scheme really was such a small part of his character that it's totally a one-time deal...I'm....I'm good.

      Nate EscobalesNate Escobales23 dager siden
    • @Mmm Ghool I'm...actually kinda nervous to see what else they'll do to him.

      Nate EscobalesNate Escobales23 dager siden
    • I disagree. I was disappointed by how much time he got in the first episode just to disappear at the end, but now that I know he's a regular character and that toilet scheme was just a small part of his character I'm actually interested to see what else they'll do with him.

      Mmm GhoolMmm Ghool23 dager siden
  • Between this and Samurai Jack’s final season, will you guys make revivals of Dexters Lab and ATHF?

    Ryan ChinRyan Chin25 dager siden
    • gosh i miss athf. they don't even air it at all anymore in canada

      kikibearkikibear19 dager siden
  • You know what's funnier than comedy? Wamen.

    Christian GottsackerChristian Gottsacker25 dager siden
  • This is nothing like HBAAL. It has none of the energy or comedic timing.

    Marshal MonsantoMarshal Monsanto25 dager siden
  • it just looks wrong and feels wrong. bring back birdman or let him die again.

    James BurkeJames Burke25 dager siden
  • Why is a Wojack in a cartoon

    lunchbox87lunchbox8725 dager siden
  • Lmao that feels like dog racism

    Lance LovecraftLance Lovecraft25 dager siden
  • This is uhhh pretty terrible. Was this made by the same people?

    Dat BoiDat Boi25 dager siden
  • Anyone else want a gif moment of the payday tag team? Because I could listen to "It's Payday, Bitch!" On loop as an alarm. So excited for this show!

    MagicalPeachInternetMagicalPeachInternet25 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣😂😂 woke people really have no humor anymore huh?

      Zeo •Zeo •20 dager siden
  • Can we please get Metalocalypse and Venture bros back instead.

    DaveDave25 dager siden
  • All the angry incels out here 🤣🤣😂😂

    Stinky DuckStinky Duck25 dager siden
  • I have an infinite amount of sympathy for that human-dog thing

    LoG’s MaggotLoG’s Maggot25 dager siden
    • He feels like the biggest remanant of the old show

      Arturo GavidiaArturo Gavidia20 dager siden
    • “Thing” 💀

      Lalalisa _loveLalalisa _love25 dager siden
  • I honestly don't see a point of this series

    Piotrek SuwińskiPiotrek Suwiński25 dager siden
  • Dear God! Not Only Do Women Suck At Live Action Comedy But This Proves They Suck At Cartoon Comedy As Well! Adult Swim Is Fucking Up

    Michael SotoMichael Soto25 dager siden
  • i'm enjoying this tbh

    megamonkeyathotmailmegamonkeyathotmail25 dager siden
    • *Looks at your photo Yeah.... yeah that makes sense...

      GodhandPhemtoGodhandPhemto24 dager siden
    • It's still enjoyable but it does seem to drag on a bit at times with some dialogue. It probably helps that I'm not hyping it up as "the next birdman" because that's pretty lofty.

      marthedgemarthedge25 dager siden
    • It is made for hipsters so.....

      Barry mephamBarry mepham25 dager siden
  • Like video new friends

    ADISS APPADISS APP25 dager siden
  • Is it just me or are there not enough hannah barbera characters in this? If something is not happening to scooby or droopy my interest disappears. That's what made the original harvey birdman good for me. I didn't care about birdman. I cared about the Jetson's experiencing global warming. I didn't care about sebben I cared about secret squirrel going to prison for flashing people.

    Matt Neputin [Mateusz Peplinski]Matt Neputin [Mateusz Peplinski]25 dager siden
    • @It's Over 9000 Productions Yeah a lesser known one. But the show was fun because it had a lot of known/recognizable characters.

      Matt Neputin [Mateusz Peplinski]Matt Neputin [Mateusz Peplinski]18 dager siden
    • well birdman was a HB character so

      It's Over 9000 ProductionsIt's Over 9000 Productions18 dager siden
  • the show has no energy, Harvey Birdman was like the show had intravenously ingested 30 cans of monster ... this is like the doctors have told it that to many cans of monster will take the shows foot and it has gone healthy and just cannot rock it in a rave any more ... It feels like they have sacrificed how eccentric the world was in HB and now the only crazy one is Bird Girl in favour of a more general viewers enjoyment. Maybe it will get better as they normally make the first few episodes tame in favour of popping out the big guns later.

    GiraffeCrabGiraffeCrab25 dager siden
    • Yeah, the world feels oddly empty somehow...

      GoodMachinesGoodMachines25 dager siden
  • that's not how you pronounce neodymium..

    matthew keissardmatthew keissard25 dager siden
  • Gross

    Candalf the WaxyCandalf the Waxy25 dager siden
  • Basically Adult Swim's version of Harley Quinn on DC. Don't forget lads. Metalocalypse and The Venture Brothers got canceled for this. One less reason to watch on AS.

    • Meh... Harley Quinn was kind of good though. This isn’t even decent...

      GoodMachinesGoodMachines25 dager siden
  • i just... cant. who is even liking these videos?

    Sven KSven K26 dager siden
  • What the hell is that outfit the green girl is wearing? Terrible character design

    GopledGopled26 dager siden
  • I sure was looking forward to telling my brother about the new funny Harvey Birdman episodes... now I'm just going to tell him that there are new episodes... Because there is no Harvey And no funny

    Gerald HoseltonGerald Hoselton26 dager siden
  • Wow this is awful

    Ff NFf N26 dager siden
  • No, thank you. Please give us proper finales of Venture Bros. , and even revisit Metalpocalypse for a finale too, before embarking on some new spinoff show.

    BBBB26 dager siden
    • Will never happen for Venture Brothers on C.N. I would say pick it up from Hulu and then I believe it was bought out by HBO and possibly still hammering out the details of the final, final season ....maybe.

      NicholasNicholas21 dag siden
  • I really like Meredith, but her outfit looks like she's wearing a leather express yourself era Madonna bra over a granny's nightgown.

    Ecamer MorbidEcamer Morbid26 dager siden
    • @Annie from discord stop simping then

      Daniel Jason KonDaniel Jason Kon14 dager siden
    • You are all wrong, she looks weird and unattractive

      Annie from discordAnnie from discord18 dager siden
    • Its kinda like a maternity outfit collided with fast fashion, lol. She still rocks it.

      Stormtempter FStormtempter F23 dager siden
    • Wtf did you just activate a cheat code or are you chanting?

      ttv gayttv gay23 dager siden
    • Your criticism being?

      Richard Saul ChasonRichard Saul Chason24 dager siden
  • Still doesn't top. The booty noir episode.

    Jesse WetzelJesse Wetzel26 dager siden
  • *sigh

    TrashBagCharlieTrashBagCharlie26 dager siden
  • Judy still being awkward and having to explain herself made me laugh.

    notalive_zombienotalive_zombie26 dager siden
  • Love Phil's micro laughter from beyond the grave.

    lesles26 dager siden
  • What the heck has happened to Adult Swim?

    Pappa KostaPappa Kosta26 dager siden
    • @Sigma its true tho. Too many crybabies on their 20s have twitter, and the new administration on companies take note of hashtags, and forget about talent for demographic. Its so obvious that if you deny it, i really have no hope for you. its an insult to true artists.

      Zeo •Zeo •20 dager siden
    • @Jeff Conover pfft lol ok.

      SigmaSigma20 dager siden
    • I miss 2017 Adult Swim mostly because of Samurai Jack Season 5

      Red-Pilled HumanRed-Pilled Human25 dager siden
    • Era of cancel culture is taking a beating on the spectrum of how far things can be taken on Adult Swim. If Apu can get removed/revoiced, a new show crossing the line has no chance.

      Jeff ConoverJeff Conover25 dager siden
  • Awesome Birdgirl Video.

    Cococrash11Cococrash1126 dager siden
  • wow this is sad, doesnt hold a candle to the original. Bring back venture bros!

    F LortonF Lorton26 dager siden
  • meredith is adorable and the show needs to be all about her

    Stormtempter FStormtempter F26 dager siden
  • Why do I feel like this is a reskinned version of the Harely Quinn show... except its not funny or clever in any way :(

    Bizarre MoonBizarre Moon26 dager siden

    dreaminginnootherdreaminginnoother26 dager siden
  • No Smiling Friends, no finale for Metalocalypse, Venture Brothers cancelled in its prime...And now this.

    Lord SherbertLord Sherbert26 dager siden
    • and squidbillies and aquateen gone

      Curt GrayCurt Gray20 dager siden
    • It's out with the old and in with the new!'s business!

      Mekao TramilMekao Tramil22 dager siden
    • @Arempy 58 “ This town needs an enema!” - Jack Nicholson as The Joker 1989.

      Mister CroolMister Crool22 dager siden
    • Everything rots even Adult Swim. The rebellious nature of its origins fades away as it becomes more established. Burn it

      Arempy 58Arempy 5822 dager siden
    • Obviously the wrong people get to make decisions at Adult swim.

      Olivier N.Olivier N.23 dager siden
  • remember how that harley quinn show made a lot of money?

    Stink ManStink Man26 dager siden
    • @Stink Man yes it wasn't forced

      Curt GrayCurt Gray20 dager siden
    • @Rocky Road to be fair the lesbian thing had been a long time coming since the batman animated series

      Stink ManStink Man24 dager siden
    • It was amazing until they did that stupid Harley and Ivey are lesbians bull crap. Ivey and kiteman had actual chemistry and seeing someone who hates humans as much as poison Ivey actually develop a relationship with a man was actually really deep and great storytelling but they took a shit on it for woke points.

      Rocky RoadRocky Road24 dager siden
    • @Saulothebebop yup

      Stink ManStink Man26 dager siden
    • That show is actually very good

      SaulothebebopSaulothebebop26 dager siden
  • Where's the joke

    Duskwalker68Duskwalker6826 dager siden
  • I really like this show

    Squanchy broSquanchy bro26 dager siden