Lord Commander and Avocato | Final Space | adult swim

5. april. 2021
107 614 Ganger

*Watch with caution! This clip contains some slight spoilers*
Final Space continues on Saturdays at 10:30pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
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  • So I don't know what this is( and it does look ) but guy manipulated hard.

    patrick sharpepatrick sharpe3 dager siden
    • It's a show called final space. I recommend u watch it. It's really good.

      xXIce BearXxxXIce BearXxDag siden
  • Never believe a guy that talks about a world where death doesn't exist . That type of person definitely keeps his victims alive till they beg for death to make the torment stop .

    Frost Soul7755Frost Soul77557 dager siden
  • so are ventrexians like final spaces mandolorians

    • Of course, they're awesome! XD

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen13 dager siden
  • Sounds so noble... without context.

    FUmarcFUmarc15 dager siden
  • Meh

    Boba SquidBoba Squid16 dager siden
  • this is my season 02

    Reuniko StarwingedReuniko Starwinged18 dager siden
  • I love his delivery, it sounds like even he doesn't understand what's going on right now. "W-what if could, uh make a, uh universe, with uh, no death"

    Galixi_Galixi_19 dager siden
  • I was thinking the cats killed them

    Shameful ButstudShameful Butstud22 dager siden
  • calling it. lord commander killed avo's real son to push him into darkness. in a way, baby little cato's survival manages to pull Avo away from losing himself completely to darkness.

    UHI GPPUHI GPP22 dager siden
  • Am I supposed to take a warrior called avocado seriously?

    Internet HardcaseInternet Hardcase23 dager siden
  • Duuuudes, where can i find final soundtrack??

    Mr SkynetMr Skynet23 dager siden

    Poxell91Poxell9124 dager siden
  • David freakin' Tennant, man.

    Nathan JacksonNathan Jackson24 dager siden
  • Adult swim really needs to start making more dramatic shows

    Edward JewettEdward Jewett25 dager siden
  • is ti just me or I hate the name Avocato

    Silvio FreitasSilvio Freitas25 dager siden
  • so happy i went to hbo max. hulu basically said hey what if we gave you parts of season 2 only. like guys we want a massive library to pull you cant delete shit ever. even if it sucks. that's what we pay for but whatever until they learn pirating is always the answer. adult swim your on good ground keep it that way

    LW RetroLW Retro26 dager siden
  • ...what episode is this? I don't see a season 3 out yet but I have absolutely no memory of this

    Fix a FixFix a Fix26 dager siden
  • furry.

    Southern Pennsy RailfanSouthern Pennsy Railfan26 dager siden
  • Just bring back Aqua Team Hunger Force already.

    John NealJohn Neal27 dager siden
  • So fiercest warriors in the galaxy, all revolving around conquest and war. So....the Ventrexians are Mandalorian Crusaders circa the Old Republic era under Mandalore the Ultimate?

    Wolf Scar55Wolf Scar5527 dager siden
  • Apren con Rick y Morty!!!

    Cesar HK5ღCesar HK5ღ27 dager siden
  • I love this episode, I mean any episode that involes This dark but gentle beast but I gotta say I LITTERALLY DID NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OTHER STORYLINES IN THIS EPISODE, (quinnxgary realtionship issues, (i am team garycato all the way). I ONLY CARE ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL TRAGIC BROTHERBEAR/LIONKING/TANGLED STORY THAT IS AVOCATO AND HIS BABY LITTLECATO. (Though I love Ash's Tragic Story, I really looking forward to seeing more of her)

    UHI GPPUHI GPP27 dager siden
  • One of my Fav TV Show!

    BurgermanTVBurgermanTV27 dager siden
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    The MoonThe Moon27 dager siden
  • Uhh..

    XIIMOONIIX moonXIIMOONIIX moon28 dager siden
  • Adult swim new show pitch what about a filthy Frank animated show would you do it

    DaddyLongPong gamingDaddyLongPong gaming28 dager siden

    Jade BrunnerJade Brunner28 dager siden
  • This show became so much more than just a silly animated space sci-fi parody show.

    Tony SnyderTony Snyder28 dager siden
  • What ep is this . I don't remember seeing this in s1 and s2

    GengarGengar28 dager siden
  • Nothing will beat Chunky Chunk. NOTHING

    Ole JBOle JB28 dager siden
  • What I see in the Lord Commander's eyes was pride, selfishness, greed and war.

    Gillian DayGillian Day28 dager siden
  • Release the Season 3 already 😤😤

    Manish YadavManish Yadav29 dager siden
    • It was released March 20th

      Kamil JaskólskiKamil Jaskólski28 dager siden
  • Another shitty show huh

    x LatinAssazzinx LatinAssazzin29 dager siden
  • When is Season 3 coming onto Netflix???

    Zer0 MeMeZZer0 MeMeZ29 dager siden
    • @Nathan the puppy person damn

      Zer0 MeMeZZer0 MeMeZ26 dager siden
    • Idk

      Nathan the puppy personNathan the puppy person26 dager siden
  • Avocato will always and forever will be my #1 character in the franchise, especially since he had already been through so much, and during the very first season no less.

    Trequon RowlandTrequon Rowland29 dager siden
    • Both Avocato and Little Cato are my favorite cats! :3

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
  • I think the surprise was not knowing little cato is adopted, but yes knowing Avocato is the murderer of his parents. He may want to remedy his mistakes, but that will not bring back those he killed. Sorry for said, but I feel like Avocato was a coward by not revealing the whole truth to Cato, although if he mentioned he was a traitor, he did not reveal what we do know.

    Katheryne RocafuerteKatheryne Rocafuerte29 dager siden
  • sign with alpha betas

    AbkarinoAbkarino29 dager siden
  • And just like that a Avocado becomes a Traitor all from the Fancy Words of a Talking Roll-on Deodorant.

    Venture FanaticVenture Fanatic29 dager siden
  • when on polish netflix answer pls

    Proszek do PraniaProszek do Prania29 dager siden
  • So like I haven’t finished final space season 2 so like what the fuck is going on

    Lol noLol no29 dager siden
    • They’re inside the Final Space, but I don’t want to spoil everything else.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo29 dager siden
  • So epic for AS

    Joris MilleretJoris Milleret29 dager siden
  • 1:43 yeah goodluck with that

    Shaden BurnsShaden Burns29 dager siden
  • 0:45 Noo because u told him to do it therefore his the king

    Shaden BurnsShaden Burns29 dager siden
  • please bring continuation of the zero katana or at least a short film with the ending showing more of the other samurai

    Hattori MyamotoHattori MyamotoMåned siden
  • Ladies and gentlemen WE FOUND OUR FINAL SPACE DOOM GUY !!

    Dellengnfmflelsl DjdkdkdlldDellengnfmflelsl DjdkdkdlldMåned siden
  • Shit. He makes one hell of an inspirational speech.

    GarpogodsGarpogodsMåned siden
  • Rick and Morty Season 5 is looking good so far!

    ChloceanChloceanMåned siden
  • Its my missing brother and his famous now... 2:02 Edit:The top center

    CockRoachCockRoachMåned siden
  • I like it :)

    Final Space LatinoamericaFinal Space LatinoamericaMåned siden
  • My man stole little Cato’s parents from him but at the same time became the father he needed 😢. I’m so conflicted

    Big PapaBig PapaMåned siden
    • This makes his sacrifice in Season 1 even sadder. It wasn't just for his son, but for the rightful ruler of Ventrexia.

      Mona TeasleyMona Teasley6 dager siden
    • He’s trying to do better gotta give him that

      Hackie PuffsHackie Puffs28 dager siden
  • I don't know if I'm seeing things but in some scenes the Lord Commander's head looks 3D animated

    Apple Of DoomApple Of DoomMåned siden
    • I see it tooo lol

      satanic pickle Godsatanic pickle God19 dager siden
  • Avocato had a son prior to adopting lil cato

    TheDragonstorm1993TheDragonstorm1993Måned siden
    • That's so noble! :)

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
  • when we get the getting that season 3

    SwozupSwozupMåned siden
    • @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo ahh shit thx for telling me

      SwozupSwozupMåned siden
    • @Swozup That was from 2019, Adult Swim is airing new episodes. Unfortunately, Netflix can’t include the new episodes at the moment because they only have the international license to the show. The rights to the show belong to TBS.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo PuyoMåned siden
    • @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo on netflix season 2

      SwozupSwozupMåned siden
    • This is Season 3

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo PuyoMåned siden
  • Hey guys try to watch Vivy flourite eyesong its 10x better than Final space.

    ANIME LOVER 2020ANIME LOVER 2020Måned siden
  • Soundtrack = Amazing Animation = phenomenal Acting = Fantastic Writing = mixed bag. If I’m being honest here the writing isn’t as great as it could be, some of the jokes are out of place and pacing is off. But it’s still great.

    Ben jaminBen jaminMåned siden
    • Rly good summeratuon of the whole show

      IronManiac XdIronManiac Xd29 dager siden
  • This shit is as stupid as it sounds Television is tailspinning

    Marc AndrewMarc AndrewMåned siden
  • That is funny

    shellman1 ytshellman1 ytMåned siden

    Patrick McConaugheyPatrick McConaugheyMåned siden
  • This show isint even appropriate enough for cartoon network, legit needs to be on pbs kids

    Rpkxnoscope NSGRpkxnoscope NSGMåned siden
    • You're a momma's boy.

      Nas TNas TMåned siden
  • name of the song?

    Pablo AzulaPablo AzulaMåned siden
  • This show is top shelf garbage

    Rpkxnoscope NSGRpkxnoscope NSGMåned siden
  • So... No more Venture Brothers... But you publish this? Ah. No accounting for taste. I suppose it's just as well... I would rather Venture Bros vanish from the channel than transform into dreck.

    TyPhenirW0LFTyPhenirW0LFMåned siden
    • @Nas T That only makes it worse. If the cancellation of Venture Brothers really was something the Network didn't decide... Then why wouldn't the network simply fill the empty timeslots with something better? It's not like they lack choices. They made a willful decision to publish this. I've seen better new toon content published on NOtown. The internet isn't just killing the old networks. This is the Network choosing to be a Carradine Windchime.

      TyPhenirW0LFTyPhenirW0LF29 dager siden
    • I am tired of you always making compliments. The cancelation of Venture Bros has nothing to do with this goddammit!

      Nas TNas TMåned siden
    • @Rpkxnoscope NSG Well, Justin Roiland would love that, I am sure.

      TyPhenirW0LFTyPhenirW0LFMåned siden
    • truee, this show isint even appropriate enough for cartoon network, legit needs to be on pbs kids

      Rpkxnoscope NSGRpkxnoscope NSGMåned siden
  • A world without death eh? Sounds like Vader going over to the Sith!

    John LeschakJohn LeschakMåned siden
    • This is low key Star Wars sequel here. Complete with actually interesting force welding villain

      mewlettermewletterMåned siden
  • Great job 👌👌👍

    dragonlover3dragonlover3Måned siden
    • Wow!

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
  • the reason he had to destroy earth is because we hold the key to their one weakness, the galaxy's entire supply of cardboard boxes, cat people are rendered powerless by their alure

    PsychoLucarioPsychoLucarioMåned siden
  • I was still shocked when I found out little Cato was adopted!

    Jim PostlethwaitJim PostlethwaitMåned siden
    • Me too!

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
    • I kinda thought he was an affair baby before this episode he barely looks like Avocato

      Hackie PuffsHackie Puffs28 dager siden
  • weeyow!

    Adam UjhelyiAdam UjhelyiMåned siden
  • The soundtrack, animation, and acting in this scene is phenomenal! Seriously watch Final Space!

    Marvelman316Marvelman316Måned siden
    • Not released yet

      AlexanderTheGreat _AlexanderTheGreat _26 dager siden
    • @Pablo Azula not the specific one but I know Dodie did the vocals for it!

      Marvelman316Marvelman316Måned siden
    • do you know the name of this specific soundtrack?

      Pablo AzulaPablo AzulaMåned siden
  • So many positive things to say about this show. The best thing I enjoy about this show is it tugs at your heart but damn so much action

    DarkkasugaDarkkasugaMåned siden
  • Animation was pretty smooth

    moveout 14moveout 14Måned siden
  • Grey alien: I make no death happen. Cat: Okay, I believe you. Me: That's not good writing.

    EQUALSEQUALSMåned siden
    • Greys are a bunch of backstabbers and planetary parasites.

      Tom KattTom Katt29 dager siden
  • Anyone else cried during this episode, especially at the end, the big reveal of little Cato

    Momo OnMomo OnMåned siden
    • I was really emotional during the episode!

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
    • Nope, i love the lord commander lmao, in my opinion this was the best episode yet

      jaxson Rumbaughjaxson RumbaughMåned siden
    • @Dawn your are welcome 👌

      Momo OnMomo OnMåned siden
    • @Momo On aww 🥺okay thank u

      DawnDawnMåned siden
    • @Dawn your welcome keep a box of tissues with you for that episode. I use Hurawatch for access sometimes, I do not know if it requires a VPN but it is worth a try.

      Momo OnMomo OnMåned siden
  • Awesome Final Space Video.

    Cococrash11Cococrash11Måned siden
  • :00000

    A 22A 22Måned siden
  • gotta 1st kill every1 before you save every1 right?

    huh woahhuh woahMåned siden
  • Let this show be evidence that anything can be great if the writers actually give a damn.

    Jim HawkingJim HawkingMåned siden
    • @Rpkxnoscope NSG there are not wrong opinions thats what i thought until i read what you said.

      cosmedcartoncosmedcarton29 dager siden
    • lol this terrible writing is giving a damn xD

      Rpkxnoscope NSGRpkxnoscope NSGMåned siden
    • But network executives can also get in the way and screw things up, just look at Season 2.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo PuyoMåned siden
  • God damn this show rocks.

    Jim HawkingJim HawkingMåned siden
  • By giving you...a *CAAAAAAAAAAAAUSE*

  • David Tennant is so versatile and does such a good job with Lord Commander

    ChombeyChombeyMåned siden
  • I'm not even exaggerating here, this scene is a masterpiece. The deconstructive dialogue is incredible and is just elevated even further by the insanely good voice acting. The animation, the soundtrack, even the visual metaphors are so well done that I can't believe Final Space pulled off a scene like this. If there's an episode that convinces you to stop sleeping on Final Space, THIS IS IT.

    twilymeekstwilymeeksMåned siden
  • :O

    Jakob MurnJakob MurnMåned siden
  • Avocado 🥑?

    Mime MouseMime MouseMåned siden
  • This scene is just so powerful. Final Space is truly revolutionary in adult animation.

    Marshmallow-with-a-sweaterMarshmallow-with-a-sweaterMåned siden
    • @Marshmallow-with-a-sweater Right on.

      Nas TNas T29 dager siden
    • @Damn Son Sorry I don't take criticism 😌

      Marshmallow-with-a-sweaterMarshmallow-with-a-sweaterMåned siden
    • Revolutaionary? Wow calm down there bud.

      Damn SonDamn SonMåned siden
  • Death no longer found means nothing. No life no death

    Siner666Siner666Måned siden
  • 8 year old writting

    Tropical BabanasTropical BabanasMåned siden
    • It's from DC? That explains a lot then.

      Tropical BabanasTropical BabanasMåned siden
    • honestly..

      Rpkxnoscope NSGRpkxnoscope NSGMåned siden
    • to whom are they writing? certainly not 'adult' Adults. it's the DC Comics and Funco Pops crowd. settle your indignation and feigned intellectual superiority.

      RIXRADvidzRIXRADvidzMåned siden
    • Stfu and gtfo.

      Nas TNas TMåned siden
  • Holy cow!!!

    Gracekim22Gracekim22Måned siden
  • I am 5-6 episodes into this series. Does it get funnier? I am struggling to get through it.

    StingrayStingrayMåned siden
    • @Stingray OH man, Olan voice acting improves a lot, he had acting lessons after season 1 and he is great now.

      cosmedcartoncosmedcarton29 dager siden
    • @DarkUnity Thanks for the reply! I will keep at it. I do like it, sometimes Olan's voice acting is a little over the top, constantly yelling etc.

      StingrayStingrayMåned siden
    • The show finds its rhythm later on. Its not so much an animated comedy as a action adventure animated show, with humor sprinkled in and dark undertones. My wife was the same on the first few episodes, but she really started to like it. She is a huge fan of Tribore for his comedy, while I love Gary and Mooncake.

      DarkUnityDarkUnityMåned siden
  • Hmmm... Vantraxia... Could have been my planet... :P

    VantazzyVantazzyMåned siden
  • That thumbnail, though.

    Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo PuyoMåned siden
  • I can tell David Tennant missed playing Lord Commander.

    Dariush AsadiDariush AsadiMåned siden
    • @Sonic Boi91 never

      Gillian DayGillian Day9 dager siden
    • Well now I won't unhear his voice

      Sonic Boi91Sonic Boi9110 dager siden
    • @Mitchell yep

      Gillian DayGillian Day21 dag siden
    • Right you can feel it in his voice

      MitchellMitchell22 dager siden
    • the doctor is back!

      Gillian DayGillian Day22 dager siden
  • Avocatooooooooooooooooooo

    StarkillerStarkillerMåned siden
  • I love final space

    Ethan heapsEthan heapsMåned siden

    panoh 123panoh 123Måned siden
  • Nice (;

    Dylan KhadikenDylan KhadikenMåned siden
  • “Ventrexians are the finest soldiers in the galaxy, dedicated to a life of warfare with only one weakness-“ “Ventrexians have no weakness!” “Naw, it’s a good weakness!”

    SR BrantSR BrantMåned siden
    • No, the greatest weakness to any weapon is the wielder.

      FUmarcFUmarc15 dager siden
    • Their king is very weak

      Mauricio MeridaMauricio MeridaMåned siden
    • @BLUE QUARTS 1989 True, but I was quoting _Doctor Who._

      SR BrantSR BrantMåned siden
    • Avocato has a weakness because EVERYBODIES got a weakness. I mean what for Pandora it was the box thing and the Trojans.. Hey they bet on the wrong horse.

      BLUE QUARTS 1989BLUE QUARTS 1989Måned siden
  • I always assumed lil cato had to be adopted he looks nothing like avacato unless he inherited everything from his mother in which he did but avacado killed his parents

    Tyrell WilsonTyrell WilsonMåned siden
    • So pretty much Cato is a less angry vegeta

      Phil CrownzPhil Crownz29 dager siden
    • Um nah, he resembles Avacato in head shape. You don’t have to look exactly like your parents to be related

      Gracekim22Gracekim22Måned siden
    • Same, but I also thought Avocato married someone who looked like Lil Cato.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo PuyoMåned siden
  • If you were to tell me 4 years ago that one of my favorite characters in modern television is a talking space cat warrior named after something that goes really well with Nachos? I'd probably just stare at you like Mooncake does to everyone else. 😂😂

    Nighty nightNighty nightMåned siden
    • @Pepe Silvia ha I get it, Bill Cipher right?

      Gabriel SalazarGabriel Salazar25 dager siden
    • BRUH! I fell in love with Avocato the moment he showed up in this show. Imagine a live action version of this show. It would be fucking glorious if done right! Not only a hilarious comedy but an epic scaled sci-fi fantasy action show.

      Avocato BobbleAvocato Bobble29 dager siden
    • To be fair, four years ago my favorite character was a talking horse with depression and childhood trauma, and six years ago my favorite character was a 2 dimensional pyramid (with interdimensional powers) named after a currency. This seems about right all things considered.

      Pepe SilviaPepe SilviaMåned siden
  • Avocado is my 2nd favorite character in the show. Fuckin love this guy

    Talyn BeachTalyn BeachMåned siden
    • Both of those characters share a place in my heart!

      Tonnia LinnenTonnia Linnen20 dager siden
    • I love Avocato no matter what he did

      Spidergirl 3145Spidergirl 3145Måned siden
    • Is it little Cato?

      Dominique HernandezDominique HernandezMåned siden
    • Whose the 1st?

      SilverByakuyaSilverByakuyaMåned siden
  • Rimember me she-ra

  • ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

    Marco2921HMarco2921HMåned siden