Gillian, Assistant Extraordinaire | Birdgirl | adult swim

22. april. 2021
39 843 Ganger

Birdgirl airs Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim.
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  • I never watch birdgirl because it's so boring and I miss Birdman attorney at law that was a great show before they add a birdgirl and they should just canceled birdgirl

    Mikey 1994Mikey 19943 dager siden
    • @Jordan Loux i watch aqua teen hunger force

      Mikey 1994Mikey 1994Dag siden
    • @Jordan Loux but my sister watch that shit and she send me some clips of the show

      Mikey 1994Mikey 1994Dag siden
    • So you've never watched it but you know it's boring?

      Jordan LouxJordan LouxDag siden
  • Nobody watches this shit we just come here to tell you it sucks. Bring back the real Harvey Birdman. Not this shit.

    Bobdylan12121Bobdylan121214 dager siden
  • Now THAT'S the energy we were missing people! Good! Yes! More of that!

    Moist EnvelopesMoist Envelopes5 dager siden
  • Harvey - dead Phil - dead Peanut - not here Peter - also not here Avenger - possibly still gnawing on the corpse of Scrappy Doo Reducto - not here but HE'LL SHRINK YOU STILL! Why watch this show then? Also, the pseudo Archer style animation pains me greatly. As in Archer = good, this = not so much. I applaud using Paget Brewster again. That's something I guess. When's the next cartoon starring the kid from Squidbillies?

    Guitar AnthonyGuitar Anthony5 dager siden
  • I really hope they bring back peanut because he would be such a good foil to gillian especially since he’s wearing THAT outfit 24/7

    lecke faustolecke fausto6 dager siden
  • This new show was made by women, for women that has women in it. feminism at its best.

    NoodlesNoodles8 dager siden
  • Yeah, well Dracula called and he’s coming tonight

    666killdeath666666killdeath6669 dager siden
  • :) good job

    Juber777Juber7779 dager siden
  • Does this show have like +15 minute episodes? Adultswim is making pure gold these days.

    Alex AceAlex Ace9 dager siden
  • You ever feel you want to like or love something but it’s just meh to you?

    Wiggly FungusWiggly Fungus9 dager siden
  • HA HA! NOT the same.......

    Bryagh OmmadonBryagh Ommadon9 dager siden
  • Do the people not like the show because the main characters are. Female or is it because of the writing but the birdman show wasnt all that funny either eh adult swim just need funny good writers

    yosh marshyosh marsh10 dager siden
  • Gillian goes brrrrrrr

    Manuel FabioManuel Fabio10 dager siden
  • why is the animation stock animated puppets from that one really overused cheap as fuck program GOANIMATE

    Dan -Horsenwelles- WilliamsDan -Horsenwelles- Williams10 dager siden
  • this clip seems kinda.... better than the full episode they uploaded? are pilots always bad?

    UncleBibbyUncleBibby10 dager siden
  • Without a doubt the lamest bullshit ever.

    michael williamsmichael williams11 dager siden
  • It's nice to see Kether Donohue get a proper showcase for her comic range post-You're the Worst given how underused she is in B Positive (though she was also great in Royalties which had the misfortune of being a Quibi show).

    llagunoesquellagunoesque11 dager siden
  • 0:55 This is just like that Pixar film The Incredibles.

    Giovanni LonigroGiovanni Lonigro11 dager siden
  • so good

    Chab PheakdeyChab Pheakdey11 dager siden
  • venture bros died for this shit

    El BreadoEl Breado12 dager siden
  • rip comedy

    APEXAPEX12 dager siden
  • So this is like a lame Archer thing?

    YouTube CensorsYouTube Censors12 dager siden
  • Garbage show.

    Darkening DemiseDarkening Demise12 dager siden
  • This show is so fucking painfully unfunny

    jake melmorejake melmore12 dager siden
  • I have more questions than answers here.

    f0rmaggi0f0rmaggi012 dager siden
  • This show doesn’t seem terrible, but as a spin off of Harvey Birdman it really fails to live up to the comedic standard set by that show and falls back on cheap laughs as its main entertainment factor. As a huge fan of Harvey B this doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    Angel Perez MonarrezAngel Perez Monarrez12 dager siden
    • Yeah, that what I was thinking. Birdgirl isn't a terrible spin-off series, it's just mediocre. It needs better writers and clever humor and make the characters interested and not so one-dimensional.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • I miss birdman, but this is funny

    Tooth DemonTooth Demon12 dager siden
  • Oh, how I miss Harvey Birdman. This is gonna be good.

    Donald RohrbacherDonald Rohrbacher12 dager siden
    • Its just another Supe show, not a satire sadly.

      HPTRK KreedHPTRK Kreed9 dager siden
  • Ah I see they made her breast disappear in this version. This actually makes me want to watch Harvey Birdman again.

    JNoir JJNoir J12 dager siden
  • I watched two episodes so far. I'm trying to like it, but it doesn't hit like Harvey Birdman. They need to get the Hanna Barberra characters back and fast.

    PharaohsKingdomPharaohsKingdom12 dager siden
    • I agree, they also need to get better writers and make the comedy work well. And I'm afraid that there won't be any Hanna-Barberra characters due to license issues.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • All that for bird girl. No kinda get that better than the secretary. Namely cause I am a secretary.thats too intrusive.

    Mc SwagginsMc Swaggins12 dager siden
  • Why is Gillian more like Judy/Birdgirl than Judy/Birdgirl? I think the show is ok, but it feels like it is finding itself a bit. Maybe another 5/6 episodes from now it could be awesome. I dont know if it is the show or if it is just how adult swim is now days but the shows seem to have fallen a bit flat in recent years.

    GiraffeCrabGiraffeCrab12 dager siden
  • Lizard man

    Brandon BoothBrandon Booth13 dager siden
  • Boring

    Duskwalker68Duskwalker6813 dager siden
  • I'm still confused on what the hell Meredith is wearing

    anamarveloanamarvelo13 dager siden
  • I love Gillian's enthusiasm. Its so fun... but also scary.

    tangy tabletstangy tablets13 dager siden
  • It is honestly getting better

    RC BrainDamageRC BrainDamage13 dager siden
    • @RC BrainDamage Totes, brother.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
    • @Nas T I'm more of a fan of the Birdman show vs this.

      RC BrainDamageRC BrainDamage12 dager siden
    • Nope. It's just the same boring stuff. What I want this show to get better is the add some better writers and make the humor work.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • This show needed Peanut to balance out all the femininity

    dupadupadoo69dupadupadoo6913 dager siden
    • Or Peter Potomus

      Bryagh OmmadonBryagh Ommadon9 dager siden
  • That...was impressive assisting.

    Mia FilleneMia Fillene13 dager siden
  • Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand the humor...

    Weird SanityWeird Sanity13 dager siden
  • fire everyone who thought this was a good idea

    meat scarfmeat scarf13 dager siden
    • Fire people who worked on the show? Dude, that's totally harsh and mean don't you think? Don't get me wrong, I don't like this show too, but I want this series to have better writers and clever humor and at least make the characters interesting.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • LOL

    Garrett RomainGarrett Romain13 dager siden
  • Pits, then tits.

    Jeff MaesarJeff Maesar13 dager siden
  • This is nowhere near as good as hb

    friedkangaroofriedkangaroo13 dager siden
    • I Just Noticed Harvey Birdman has the same innitials of Hannah Barbera

      Jeaustin NuñezJeaustin Nuñez13 dager siden
  • Awesome Birdgirl Video.

    Cococrash11Cococrash1113 dager siden
  • Wow that's super fast

    Husnain NaeemHusnain Naeem13 dager siden
  • Whata waste of money, this shit is boring AF

    Giorno OhanaGiorno Ohana13 dager siden
    • how are you wasting your money

      James HoweJames Howe13 dager siden
  • I'm excited for this show

    YIKES on BIKESYIKES on BIKES13 dager siden
    • Good for you.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod Bird Girl!

    Cedric Quilal-lanCedric Quilal-lan13 dager siden
    • Who isn't?

      Cedric Quilal-lanCedric Quilal-lan12 dager siden
    • are you a bot?

      Stink ManStink Man12 dager siden
  • Funny how they mention the boobs when this awful redesign got rid of them and the hot and feminine features. Of her seriously check out classic Birdgirl *she went from Jessica Rabbit to Brie Larson.*

    The Juiciest LemonThe Juiciest Lemon13 dager siden
    • She also hated wearing clothes that covered up her body. Don't believe me, check S04E06, Juror in Court.

      Bryagh OmmadonBryagh Ommadon9 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣 Good one on that.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • Trying to like this, it’s not working. Feel like the jokes are too verbose, lacking subtlety and timing. Enjoyed the window gag at the end!

    a rather small moosea rather small moose13 dager siden
  • Where are all the cartoon characters!?

    Marshmallow PieMarshmallow Pie13 dager siden
    • That's what we're all wondering. It's not the same without the Hanna Barberra characters.

      PharaohsKingdomPharaohsKingdom12 dager siden
    • watch the show

      James HoweJames Howe13 dager siden
  • Twitter in a nutshell.

    Lord EyepatchLord Eyepatch13 dager siden
  • I'm drunk and this made me laugh my ass off

    nguuhao queen_87nguuhao queen_8713 dager siden
  • dude its lame stop it

    ZbychuZbychu13 dager siden
    • a better idea is you just dont watch

      James HoweJames Howe13 dager siden
  • Loooooove BirdGirl

    Kate NicolsonKate Nicolson13 dager siden
  • Why no Hannah Barbara characters?

    Marcus McClainMarcus McClain13 dager siden
    • Because of license issues I believe.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • God I wish this show was funny.

    Dinghis KhanDinghis Khan13 dager siden
    • @Dinghis Khan Seriously? What's also funny is that Birdgirl has a 5.2/10 rating on iMDB and the writers from the original show? Man, have they changed or what? Now I feel sorry for them.😔

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
    • @Nas T Wierd thing is if you look on IMDB it seems to be the same writers as the original show.

      Dinghis KhanDinghis Khan13 dager siden
    • Me too. I also wish this show has better writers.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • This looks awful. At least women are being aggrandized

    SeanSean13 dager siden
  • Voice acting is really good in this show

    Exodus ProductionsExodus Productions13 dager siden
    • @Giorno Ohana The other part of is the title sequence and the catchy theme song. Everything else about this show is just mediocre.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
    • Probably the only good thing.

      Giorno OhanaGiorno Ohana13 dager siden
  • Uh.... This is my new favorite cartoon thanks.

    Let's ChatLet's Chat13 dager siden
    • how much $$ did you get to write that lol

      Stink ManStink Man12 dager siden
  • What is with the upper lip? It looks like a mustache. It’s distractingly unnerving.

    ILike JelloYAYILike JelloYAY13 dager siden
  • Is this a sequel to Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law?

    Throwback ChannelThrowback Channel13 dager siden
    • @James Howe Yeah, a mediocre spin-off if you ask me.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
    • spinoff

      James HoweJames Howe13 dager siden
  • Delighted to see a Lizard Man in the back of the courtroom.

    Andrew McIlvaneyAndrew McIlvaney13 dager siden
  • No, thanks

    Triko IsmaelTriko Ismael13 dager siden
  • I'm still hard on the fence of this, because I genuinely love Judy, she's over the top and hilarious that falls in line with the old Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law style of humor. The other characters just aren't doing it for me right now, and that's a problem when apart of the fun of Harvey Birdman is how he fails half the time, how those who he considers his friends are constantly backstabbing him and betraying him for the slightest things, how all the side characters are just as over the top as Harvey was, and that every ongoing joke never felt forced or in your face.

    jish55jish5513 dager siden
    • You should rewatch the Birdgirl episodes; Birdgirl has all the points you just mentioned on its show except with new characters.

      Kentrc11Kentrc1111 dager siden
    • I feel the same. Also one of the best parts of Harvey Birdman was the fact that most episodes involved a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that Harvey would represent.

      TheHysteriaManTheHysteriaMan13 dager siden
  • "Funny"

    Reality CheckReality Check13 dager siden
  • Is there anyone who actually likes this? Cancel it already Adult Swim

    Marx14Marx1413 dager siden
    • @James Howe Because it's unfunny, the writing is weak and most of the characters are not interesting and one-dimensional. You can like this show all you want, I don't blame you. You have the right to like this show but for me, this show isn't that great nor good. Birdgirl is downright mediocre and I would like the show if it had better writers, make the characters interesting and make the humor work well.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
    • why would no one like it

      James HoweJames Howe13 dager siden
  • This seems like garbage to me but people in the comments seem to be enjoying it maybe I'm just losing my appeal for adult swim humor.

    Dr. GainzzzDr. Gainzzz13 dager siden
  • Gross

    RJ SantosRJ Santos13 dager siden
  • Shoutout to lizard man in the background, good going bill

    I\OI\O13 dager siden
    • *clap clap*

      tardigradetardigrade10 dager siden
    • Bill deserves a raise

      DoctorX17DoctorX1711 dager siden
    • Yeah, nice job Bill.

      glitchedgamerglitchedgamer12 dager siden
  • Omg this show so terrible.... is not because main character is a female but.... bad bad slow puns etc deliver....

    MissMittensMissMittens13 dager siden
    • This show is not that terrible, it's just painfully mediocre due to the writing, the subpar humor and the one-dimensional characters. I tried to liked this show but there's is nothing good about it aside from the title sequence with a catchy theme song. Again, this show is not terrible, it's just mediocre.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • As nutty as Gillian is, she's not wrong about the lawsuit thing. If people found out Batman and Bruce Wayne were they same person, imagine how many lawsuits Wayne Enterprises would be under.

    IgarappappaIgarappappa13 dager siden
    • @rorieb20 They didn't know who he was and it wasn't any criminal who sued, but yeah. A lot of people in real life argued how a person can't exactly be sued for saving a person from suicide, but the sheer weight of the lawsuits would cripple their ability to operate. Some think that (possibly because of heroes) that Good Samaritan Laws don't exist in that word.

      IgarappappaIgarappappa4 dager siden
    • It happened in the incredibles. That's why the supers were made illegal

      rorieb20rorieb204 dager siden
    • @Igarappappa That's not a prerequisite. It's already been done.

      Kentrc11Kentrc1111 dager siden
    • @Kentrc11 That's not a 1:1 comparison here.

      IgarappappaIgarappappa11 dager siden
    • That plot was already done in Batman:TDK, Joker threatened to blow up a hospital if the whistleblower wasn't killed

      Kentrc11Kentrc1111 dager siden
  • Actually really enjoying this, though I would enjoy Ventures Bros more, which is pretty hard to beat but Bird Girl does pretty well

    Cream The Everything FixerCream The Everything Fixer13 dager siden
  • Haven’t heard of this show till now. I like this kind of humor Also, someone mentioned Aubrey Plaza. Having her on this show would be gold Edit: yo ten bucks for three episodes of a new show?? That’s full season dvd prices

    Park FairmountPark Fairmount13 dager siden
    • The other episodes are available for free on Adult Swim's website.

      Joseph OcasioJoseph Ocasio11 dager siden
    • @Blactivision first episode is on NOtown for free bro. And it’s 2021 nobody has cable anymore. Edit: **Cable**

      Park FairmountPark Fairmount12 dager siden
    • I mean you can always get... **Cable**

      BlactivisionBlactivision12 dager siden
    • Full season physical copy dvd prices.

      Park FairmountPark Fairmount13 dager siden
  • I'm going to re-watch Harvey Birdman in spite of this show

    CreamstarCreamstar13 dager siden
  • *Release the Bees!*

    EL Barto 666EL Barto 66613 dager siden
  • Random comment here reminding you to be happy and to do that thing

    • @Gabriel Alejandro Ortiz Santos we all have to do that thing

    • What thing? How do you know about my thing? Have you been spying on me?!

      Gabriel Alejandro Ortiz SantosGabriel Alejandro Ortiz Santos13 dager siden

    Patrick McConaugheyPatrick McConaughey13 dager siden
  • I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say Meredith is related to Mentok in some way

    Nooby DuNooby Du13 dager siden
    • I bet she's his daughter or something

      Jeaustin NuñezJeaustin Nuñez13 dager siden
  • Go woke go broke

    LukasLukas13 dager siden
  • Poop girl

    OmegaValwinOmegaValwin13 dager siden
  • The animation is really weird. It feels like a downgrade

    UrbanestKnightUrbanestKnight13 dager siden
  • Gillian just behaved the same way Judy used to back in Attorney at Law! With the whole "secret identity" discourse

    Pabso DesignPabso Design13 dager siden
  • Penaut in BirdGirl? Coming Soon...?

    Lucas GonçalvesLucas Gonçalves13 dager siden
    • I bet his chances of coming back are the same as Hippo's.

      Bryagh OmmadonBryagh Ommadon9 dager siden
  • Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law didn't take it'self seriously and tried to have a new joke every 5 seconds,all of the characters were interesting and crazy and worked perfectly with eachother.This show has nothing it feels empty

    Dorkymations #Dorkymations #13 dager siden
    • I agree with you. I tried to like it, but it just feels so damn boring and so damn unfunny I couldn't watch it anymore. Birdgirl is undoubtedly one of the most mediocre animated shows Adult Swim has ever made. I prefer to watch Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Rick and Morty, Lazor Wulf, Final Space and Primal. Those shows are a lot more better and far more entertaining than this spin-off of mediocrity.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
    • Agreed

      Angel Perez MonarrezAngel Perez Monarrez12 dager siden
  • so its birdman and mentok except its chicks now and there is no phil ken sebben.....way to fuck up something that was great

    Chris DaveyChris Davey13 dager siden
  • Um what happened to Judy/Birdgirl didn't she used to have an actual female looking body type?

    The Juiciest LemonThe Juiciest Lemon13 dager siden
  • This looks terrible

    Timmy Joe PC TechTimmy Joe PC Tech13 dager siden
    • More like generic if you ask me.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
    • Oh I saw the pilot, you are completely right

      Marx14Marx1413 dager siden
  • Gillian seems like she's also crushing

    Spenser GrahamSpenser Graham13 dager siden
  • looks like archer 2.0

    EmoGamingXDEmoGamingXD13 dager siden
    • Except that Archer is a lot more funny.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
  • Gillian is like the exact opposite of penut

    Angus WallaceAngus Wallace13 dager siden
  • 0:58 This is the closest Birdgirl is gonna come to the original show, isn't it?

    Kirbyfan87827Kirbyfan8782713 dager siden
    • Yeah.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • Unsubscribed from adult swim.

    Sky ManSky Man13 dager siden
    • Just because you don't like a show doesn't mean you have to unsubscribe from Adult Swim.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • I haven't seen such dedication since Aubrey Plaza was on Park's and Recreation.

    Dirk DwippleDirk Dwipple13 dager siden
    • Except that Parks and Recreation is way more funnier than this mediocre spin-off show.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
    • I don’t get it What does this mean

      Skye RyanSkye Ryan13 dager siden
  • When does the show start being funny?

    Cecil RhodesCecil Rhodes13 dager siden
    • Well don’t hold your breath

      lincmart94lincmart9413 dager siden
    • Probably around the third season at this rate.

      Putrid AbominationPutrid Abomination13 dager siden
    • Sometimes, this show has some funny moments but mostly a lot of's just not that funny at all.😑

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • Okay, I changed my opinion on this show. This show is just straight up boring and I give it a 5.3/10. Final Space, Primal and Harvey Birdman are better.

    Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • Corny

    Malcolm GreeneMalcolm Greene13 dager siden
    • @Malcolm Greene Damn straight.

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
    • @Nas T agreed, need better writers.

      Malcolm GreeneMalcolm Greene13 dager siden
    • The writing in this spin-off series isn't that great nor good at all so yeah. You are right, this is pretty corny. My advice to anyone, especially the creators of this show...just get better writers and make the show just as funny as the original series! Is that so wrong?!

      Nas TNas T13 dager siden
  • damn I wont lie that is a vaulable lesson coming from the assiassant had to be the green girl giving her them ideas on why she needs to keep her identy a secret and so all other super heros lol who wants to be sued XD OMG HAVE a episode where they bring harvey birdman back to sue her LOL or maybe her dad or whom I think is her dad or just "daddy" lto her lol uses harvey to sue judy ...? So no more cases right? like in the courts?

    The new CreatorThe new Creator13 dager siden
  • The comments on this channel seem different when there's a Birdgirl ad.

    ƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ13 dager siden
    • @Giorno Ohana Bingo. You are correct.

      Nas TNas T12 dager siden
    • Probably because this is idk.... Boring AF/Not Funny?

      Giorno OhanaGiorno Ohana13 dager siden
    • a lot of people end up feeling like this show was a lazy cash grab. if not that, the humor is very different from what people who grew up with harvey birdman are used to

      chronotekchronotek13 dager siden