Final Space BTS: Animating a Show in a Pandemic | adult swim

9. april. 2021
20 599 Ganger

Team Final Space shares the ups and downs of producing season 3 from their homes.
#FinalSpace #BehindTheScenes
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  • Just cancel this feminist shitshow.

    Yarpen ZigrinYarpen Zigrin7 dager siden
  • Adult Swim can you be discontinued in April 15 at 4 a.m

    I play Roblox Edward parkI play Roblox Edward park21 dag siden
    • Hamster cult is awful

      Georgie porgie pudding pieGeorgie porgie pudding pie14 dager siden
  • Everything. About Final Space. Is just so heartwarming. Thanks team, yall the best.

    Alan's SoundAlan's Sound21 dag siden
  • It's my man Owen!

    Chris GuerraChris Guerra23 dager siden
  • I really appreciate ALL the hard work you guys and the crews of my favorite anime shows are putting in to keep seasons going strong despite the new working conditions.

    Rocking RaverRocking Raver23 dager siden
  • Amazing team, thanks for making one of the best shows ever

    ssassass123ssassass12323 dager siden
  • Spider Man: Work From Home

    levi ackermanlevi ackerman25 dager siden
  • Who else forgot olan rogers was a thing

    T ColorT Color26 dager siden
  • Awesome Final Space Video.

    Cococrash11Cococrash1126 dager siden
  • I can't find myself enjoying this show, all the characters seem so 2 dimensional and I've watched the first 2 seasons... I only really watch it since I'll watch anything sci-fi but yeesh

    Onion AcidOnion Acid26 dager siden
  • 😥😥😥

    luna vondelingluna vondeling26 dager siden
  • Awww yeah!

    Nas TNas T26 dager siden

    Patrick McConaugheyPatrick McConaughey26 dager siden
  • Yaaaaa! These are my beautiful coworkers 🤩❤️❤️❤️

    KaritKtanaKaritKtana26 dager siden
  • 3:16 Aww such a cute Gary and Quinn drawing

    CoolbeansCoolbeans26 dager siden
  • This show is amazing and I can't wait to watch it on June in Netflix

    Fangirl_did_lieFangirl_did_lie26 dager siden
    • Go to kim cartoons and dont click on the pop ups unless you're closing them

      Georgie porgie pudding pieGeorgie porgie pudding pie14 dager siden
  • I'd really like to watch the new season, but im in germany and it's unaviable... 🙈

    Mr NameMr Name26 dager siden
    • International licensing is a pain, I understand.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo25 dager siden
  • It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you everyone, I love this show. Your work is amazing!! 💖💖

    Paola GarcíaPaola García26 dager siden
    • 🐱👌👍

      iAMaVOIDtripper GutterSlush666iAMaVOIDtripper GutterSlush66625 dager siden
  • Thanks for this brilliant gem

    Tanuj ChilwalTanuj Chilwal26 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how cute that cat at 3:09 is!

    Tony LTony L26 dager siden

    X SchultzX Schultz26 dager siden
  • UwU

    sofia Lopezsofia Lopez26 dager siden
  • So when’s it out on uk Netflix

    The basic AnimatorThe basic Animator26 dager siden
  • Why does Rick and morty videos get to 50k likes and the other shows like final space gets 4.5k likes

    Stewie05Stewie0526 dager siden
    • @Georgie porgie pudding pie It’s due to TBS owning the show, it was never produced by Williams Street. There’s no TBS outside of the Americas, so they sold the international license to Netflix. But that could change if HBO Max arrives in the UK.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo13 dager siden
    • @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo the UK version of adult swim hasn't got this show. But the only way is either wait for it to drop on Netflix or pirate it on those free cartoon websites

      Georgie porgie pudding pieGeorgie porgie pudding pie14 dager siden
    • The show has a mixed reception in the US despite being very popular internationally, most of its fens discovered the show through Netflix rather than TBS (where it originated) or Adult Swim.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo25 dager siden
  • I appreciate you all and all that you do ! ♥️

    Samantha S.Samantha S.26 dager siden
  • I hope everyone at Final Space knows that the fans really appreciate your sacrifices...also fuck KVN.

    hey bubhey bub26 dager siden
  • Is season 3 on NETFLIX yet (OR EVER???)

    BigBadOOFBigBadOOF26 dager siden
    • Summer

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo25 dager siden
  • This is the first time I watch so dedicated people, even if the pandemic is so hard, they try a lot to do they best. I love how they are connected with the show but even with their co workers. Well done olan and your amazing crew for not giving up making this wonderful show

    Maria ZiogaMaria Zioga26 dager siden
  • I'm so happy

    Mike NevilleMike Neville26 dager siden
  • You who about to animate my favorite cartoon show, we salute you...

    Guds777Guds77726 dager siden
  • So how about putting the new season on Netflix???

    Robert OldcornRobert Oldcorn26 dager siden
    • Netflix doesn’t own the show, only the international license. So, you will have to wait until summer.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo25 dager siden
  • Almenos agreguen subtitulos

    Mingus GPMingus GP26 dager siden

    Caesar cchCaesar cch26 dager siden
  • I freakin love Olan Roger's hes perfect for Gary's character

    LuckyM00nDice YTLuckyM00nDice YT26 dager siden
  • I don't know why the date is at the end of this video because this was posted an hour ago.

    Akachukwu ObiakoAkachukwu Obiako26 dager siden
  • Alguien más q hable español y le encante esta serie? no? ... nadie? chale ;u;

    La Novata OwOLa Novata OwO26 dager siden
    • Nou

      ZALAZAR, Enzo-4to economiaZALAZAR, Enzo-4to economia26 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for the effort, I know this 3rd season will be amazing!

    carocaro26 dager siden
  • 🎀🎩🧸🥉🐴🧸🎩🎀3:25 Well this is a new character🎩🎀🎀🎩🧸🦈🌊🧸🎩🎀!

    Andrew KnowlesAndrew Knowles26 dager siden
  • Avocato plushie

    Portal master7Portal master726 dager siden
  • this shit is better then rick and morty

    ZbychuZbychu26 dager siden
    • True. It is. Those Rick and Morty stans can fight us for all we care.

      Nas TNas T26 dager siden
  • Wow this is my first time seeing the crew of my favourite animation it's nice to know there people just like us So creative

    Tharhndoerh ThandoTharhndoerh Thando26 dager siden
  • "Sometimes when you work in office you get free donuts ... I miss that" 😂

    zagiki za'zagiki za'26 dager siden
    • 😅

      luna vondelingluna vondeling26 dager siden
    • I really really do.

      Kate BruskKate Brusk26 dager siden
  • Nobody cares how you're cowards afraid of nothing pushing propaganda pretending you're doing something when you're making a terrible tv show nobody watches.

    The Art & Adventures of Timothy WrightThe Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright26 dager siden
    • I have never watched the show, so I can't comment on whether it is good or not, but "Cowards afraid of nothing" is a contradictory statement

      Garrett DodgenGarrett Dodgen26 dager siden
  • This show is an absolute gem

    Comical Realm AnimationsComical Realm Animations26 dager siden
    • @Alvin Alaric no I dont

      charlie millscharlie mills26 dager siden
    • Right

      X SchultzX Schultz26 dager siden
    • @Alvin Alaric I will try it out right now. Seems good so far.

      Uriel CarlosUriel Carlos26 dager siden
    • Finally a person who speaks the truth

      Big PapaBig Papa26 dager siden
    • dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. Find it on google enjoy!

      Alvin AlaricAlvin Alaric26 dager siden
  • Ansioso pra chegar dublado no brasil

    Igor PaesIgor Paes26 dager siden
  • It's honestly so heartwarming how the crew behind this charmingly badass show is doing! Let alone showing the whole feel of working in person let alone at home. The energy from them makes me really excited to see what more we will get from Final Space!

    Ava BeyvaAva Beyva26 dager siden
  • Ok

    SentianVSentianV26 dager siden
  • 4:45 Juan XD

    Mobinator 44Mobinator 4426 dager siden
  • in addition to rick and morty this series was the second best that i have ever watched could lans a 3 season

    Kauã SolitárioKauã Solitário26 dager siden
    • It’s been definitely better than Season 2, especially after the last episode.

      Carbuncle from Puyo PuyoCarbuncle from Puyo Puyo26 dager siden
  • This is cool to hear the different perspectives and insightful. Thanks for sharing

    TARAJOSUTARAJOSU26 dager siden
  • What an incredible effort, I'm enjoying the series. Hope we get season four in a year or two

    Nkanyiso Innocent KhwaneNkanyiso Innocent Khwane26 dager siden
  • 😊 thank you all for making the pandemic easier with your art

    b db d26 dager siden
  • Ashley Burch is just in everything good maybe it's because she is everything good but on a serious note I've been following her NOtown channel since she made that Black ops 2 video hey ash what you playing Black ops 2 and I haven't had the best life ever but just thinking about her or anything that she does just puts a smile on my face and makes it all a little bit easier and I also love her brother and all of the people that appeared on her NOtown channel of course I love final space as well thanks for being you Ashley Burch if I find a girl that's even remotely like you I will put a ring on that

    no needno need26 dager siden
  • 1:30 Alloy, it’s been nine months, where’s the hells the second trailer for Horizon Forbidden West

    Lachlan HarrisonLachlan Harrison26 dager siden
  • The people who love working from home dont have kids haha. I cant wait for this shit to end

    Non OfyourbusinessNon Ofyourbusiness26 dager siden
    • You can't wait for the pandemic to end do ya? We all do. Also, hurtful comment, dude.

      Nas TNas T26 dager siden
  • Great job guys, I really could not tell, good job! Let's hope this will end soon... I also miss the free donuts...

    KaloragKalorag26 dager siden
  • In fairness to Invictus, people suck.

    JαmëŽǎɏeJαmëŽǎɏe26 dager siden
  • But still love the series. Keep it up guys.

    Grape BoiGrape Boi26 dager siden
  • Oh mama!!!

    ElPerranganoElPerrangano26 dager siden
  • Hi I love Space and Rick and Morty

    Horror ShowHorror Show26 dager siden
    • @Non Ofyourbusiness it’s better imo

      BoysablonBoysablon26 dager siden
    • Its nothing like rick and morty

      Non OfyourbusinessNon Ofyourbusiness26 dager siden
  • Gg

    AaaEeeIiiOooUuuAaaEeeIiiOooUuu26 dager siden
  • Frisbee

    Jake 1kJake 1k26 dager siden
  • Jah

    4K4K26 dager siden
  • first LETS GOOOOO

    okioki26 dager siden
    • @ThePlayStationGamer huh-?

      okioki26 dager siden
    • @oki lol what a blind dude

      ThePlayStationGamerThePlayStationGamer26 dager siden
    • @ThePlayStationGamer says you lol

      okioki26 dager siden
    • Self liker

      ThePlayStationGamerThePlayStationGamer26 dager siden
  • Ez

    Brayden BakerBrayden Baker26 dager siden
  • I am so excited for season 3

    ThePlayStationGamerThePlayStationGamer26 dager siden
    • (x) same

      superderpyducksuperderpyduck26 dager siden