DRESS IS MY SHIRT | adult swim smalls

1. april. 2021
26 385 Ganger

Created by Jessica Ross, Rob Gentile and Kaitlin Thompson
Animation by Rob Gentile and Napoleon Chavez
Character Designed by Napoleon Chavez
Lyrics and singing by Rob Gentile
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#AdultSwimSmalls #DressIsMyShirt
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  • too short

    McDonald’sMcDonald’s4 dager siden
  • I'm getting weird David Firth vibes

    antpasteantpaste9 dager siden
  • Man these dudes are Phychotic!...thats why i love em. But isnt it a Blouse and slacks hon?...aahh forget it...

    Lee ConnellyLee Connelly11 dager siden
  • i watched the entire video. gotta say, i felt empty afterwards.

    XeviiusXeviius25 dager siden
  • Help! I'm trapped in a loop and can't stop watching!!

    Dark MadnessDark Madness26 dager siden
  • People in rupauls drag race be like

    XeviiusXeviius26 dager siden
  • when you try to catch a look under her skirt but there's just pants and you try to look away but it's all just shirt, a dress teleports behind you "wait it's all me?" "always has been" If this gets stuck in my head I'm deleting the internet.

    Crazy'z Mod'zCrazy'z Mod'z26 dager siden
  • Just bring back Aqua Team Hunger Force already.

    John NealJohn Neal27 dager siden
  • Please come India

    Ritik DantaniRitik Dantani29 dager siden
  • This is going to be the next #1 hit single

    ArysArys29 dager siden
  • When adult swim smalls are an hour long

    El BurritoEl BurritoMåned siden
  • This video is my shirt.

    Michael CarleyMichael CarleyMåned siden
  • bird is the word? more like my shirt is my skirt.

    Colonel KanailleColonel KanailleMåned siden
  • smiling friends

    JJ OndackJJ OndackMåned siden
  • Smalls this is one hour long

    Riley RobinsonRiley RobinsonMåned siden
  • When will adult swim learn that this is humor from 2008. Hire younger writers.

    Jackson DaleJackson DaleMåned siden
  • *ill slap the phuk out you.*

    ThousandairesClubThousandairesClubMåned siden
  • I want an entire series of this.

    Micah WilliamsMicah WilliamsMåned siden
  • It's amazing how at some point the words lose their meaning. And around the 40 minute mark, I thought I had watched only like 7 mins. Time sure does fly when something this great is being experienced.

    M HM HMåned siden
  • By favourite part 10:00:10. Just to think some studio executive green lit this video.

    General GenericGeneral GenericMåned siden
  • thanks I hate it

    co coco coMåned siden
  • Who was sent by a tweet

    wall-Ewall-EMåned siden
  • My mum becomes crazy listening to this song

    Bob BobBob BobMåned siden
  • That wasn't a Tylenol, was it?

    Clint ParsonsClint ParsonsMåned siden
  • This is shyte.....ffs

    JACK The All-Seeing EyeJACK The All-Seeing EyeMåned siden
  • Judging by your bumps and steep drop in quality those diversity hires at adult swim suck ass.

    YippityDingleDooYippityDingleDooMåned siden
  • Imagine if life was this simple. It would make me uneasy personally. Not personality wise. Love the web!

  • shirts and skirts are all anyone ever needed

  • I am terrified, now.

    Max XamMax XamMåned siden
  • this is actually a deep and dark song, see you enjoy the song when you’re happy, but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics. This song is saying that no matter what he tries, he, and everyone else will succumb to the addictive power of dresses and skirts and pants. This says something about our culture and our society. Wake up, sheeple, this song is the most darkest song ever written in the 21st Century.

    Sid PersonSid PersonMåned siden
    • Wow, I never thought of it like that, but you are totally right! It's amazing the catharsis we feel when we listen to a song like this and take some times to express our emotions with each other.. You really ARE gifted, I'm guessing you signed up for Honors Lit. with Ms. Roughterham?

      Greg CharlesGreg Charles9 dager siden
  • Smiling Friends WHEN? When more Smiling Friends? Do it! Smiling Friends!

    Gernhart ReinholzenGernhart ReinholzenMåned siden
  • Adult swim smalls 1 hour video

    Neil VincentNeil VincentMåned siden
  • My new obsession!

    Kemmle CharlesKemmle CharlesMåned siden
  • I am so high from watching this video

    Mr. XMr. XMåned siden
  • Who the fuck will watch this long vid or music

    saran saraasaran saraaMåned siden
  • ?

    saran saraasaran saraaMåned siden
  • Deep

    VINNERVINNERMåned siden
  • What if Venture Brothers "Dr. Girlfriend"' made a hiphop single...

    1 21 2Måned siden
  • So many questions... 1) WTF did I just see? 2) Why was this insanity made? 3) What strain of THC were you smoking when you made it? (I'm guessing Sativa? 4) Why am I watching the entire video a 3rd time?

    1 21 2Måned siden
  • Elke school- of universiteitsstudent die hier kijkt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m gonna be hearing this in my brain as I try to sleep at 3 AM

    uhh yeah sure i’ll have someuhh yeah sure i’ll have someMåned siden
  • Was this suppose to be a April fool's joke?

    sour pusssour pussMåned siden
  • What is this hour long hell

    Pacific GreatWhitePacific GreatWhiteMåned siden
  • Bad trip

    BhodiBhodiMåned siden
  • Wassup

    c.t.k. nintendo report crackheaded coltedexc.t.k. nintendo report crackheaded coltedexMåned siden
  • Mr. Weebl vibes

    Wonderful WonderfulWonderful WonderfulMåned siden
  • Oh god

    parker Azzparker AzzMåned siden
  • Don't look now but my skirt is the earth.

    Duck AvengerDuck AvengerMåned siden
  • i am sad there was only like 3200-3400 views 4/1 :(

    randomdoodificationrandomdoodificationMåned siden
  • LMAO

    LR-ArtoonistLR-ArtoonistMåned siden
  • 49:44 😹

    SlikSilk 15SlikSilk 15Måned siden
  • Am I having a stroke?

    doctor_withdoctor_withMåned siden
  • " Lyrics and Singing by *Rob Gentile* " Damn, this guy needs a Grammy

    Vikram TamulyVikram TamulyMåned siden
  • 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐊🐊🦧🦧🐪🦏🦛🐘🐆🦓🦧🦣🐅🐊🦭🦈🐋🦙🐐🦌🐕🐩🐑

    luna vondelingluna vondelingMåned siden
  • A song thats a hour long

    Venom WolfVenom WolfMåned siden
  • Wtf

    Алексей БатьковичАлексей БатьковичMåned siden
  • people think this is entertaining?

    pinkpugginzpinkpugginzMåned siden
    • yes

      XeviiusXeviius25 dager siden
    • It is lmfao

      Sleepy StrawberrySleepy StrawberryMåned siden
  • It all seems so ridiculous until you take 30 tabs of acid and realize that everything truly is their shirt

    DeadremDeadremMåned siden
    • lol

      Ryan DandelionRyan Dandelion19 dager siden
    • @prod.Kanashi i not all people are scared of a digital display... taking acid is the most pleasant experience with literally anything unless you have mental health issues

      Psychedelic TunnelPsychedelic Tunnel29 dager siden
    • April 1

      Michael CarleyMichael CarleyMåned siden
    • Why did you do this lmao

      prod.Kanashi iprod.Kanashi iMåned siden
  • Yeah

    Slenderbrine At The ShowSlenderbrine At The ShowMåned siden
  • “Smalls” *is over an hour long*

    Lord TachankaLord TachankaMåned siden
  • the lonely nothingness

    s h a d ø w b a n n e ds h a d ø w b a n n e dMåned siden
  • What happened to the old Adult Swim my childhood😢😢😢

    zombie treezombie treeMåned siden
  • I hated this until about half an hour in and now I am skirt

    Holly DotHolly DotMåned siden
  • Damn! I learned the lyrics in 12minutes! 😄🤘🏻

    EinieN JEinieN JMåned siden
  • This is such an earworm tbh. My pants are my shirt and my shirt is my dress and my dress is my skirt

    Syd KidneysSyd KidneysMåned siden
  • Cute ☺️🥰🥰☺️

    dragonlover3dragonlover3Måned siden
  • Utica on RuPauls Drag Race be like

    J GJ GMåned siden
  • Adult Swim: "adult swim smalls" Also Adult Swim: *1:00:01** long video*

    • irony 1000

      Yumn JameYumn Jame13 dager siden
  • 1 hour? This is a feature film, dude!

    Mr. ChüMr. ChüMåned siden
  • One hour huh? That’s a lot of Plaid.

    Eevee *Eevee *Måned siden
  • whathefok

    skuraskuraMåned siden
  • This is unironically Sims 3 in a nutshell

    Ame SugarAme SugarMåned siden
    • So many commenters forgot it was April fools day. “Why, wtf, I don’t get it, it’s an hour long”...This was brilliant. Maybe it got me too...

      LiaLiaMåned siden
  • I now have to perfect background video for gatherings 🙌

    Anastasia LittleAnastasia LittleMåned siden
  • 😭

    MaKaI MillerMaKaI MillerMåned siden
  • what is this 2012 humour

    s.s.Måned siden
  • - Full LYRICS - Pants Shirt Dress Skirt My pants is my shirt And my shirt is my dress And my dress is my skirt My skirt is my shirt And my shirt is my pants And my parts are my dress And my dress is my skirt And my skirt is my shirt And my bed is my shirt And the walls are my pants And the fan and the chair And the dog are my skirt And it goes outside And the grass is my shirt And the trees amd* the birds Are also my skirt And the road and the ground Are also my pants And the sky and the clouds Are also my dress And the moon and the stars Are also my shirt And don’t look now but My skirt is the earth And my dress spread far And my dress spread wide There’s no where to go No where to hide And I start to choke but with one final breath Now I am my shirt and my skirt and my dress (Repeat) (*the videos says legit ‘amd’)

    Dank BooyDank BooyMåned siden
    • @Alatina Thucklemuggin do you mean douche like a shower? Or a person how behaves like you (an unpleasant, snobby, mean person)? I think your next comment will tell

      Dank BooyDank BooyMåned siden
    • yeah, thanks for this. really enhances the experience. douche...

      Alatina ThucklemugginAlatina ThucklemugginMåned siden
  • Wtf is this

  • Watch til the end!

    Kait ThompsonKait ThompsonMåned siden
    • Like, I'm at the 40 min mark and thought I had watched only like 7 mins :DDD

      M HM HMåned siden
  • Why is this song so short? Please make a 10 hour version.

    James EdghillJames EdghillMåned siden
    • Wow lol

      Vienna CupcakeVienna Cupcake27 dager siden
    • OMG they did lmao

      Bumpertini BBumpertini B29 dager siden
    • No

      Bling BlingBling BlingMåned siden
    • Why 10 hours and not 24

      braindunkinbraindunkinMåned siden
  • Adult Swim Bigs

    Fredrich FernandoFredrich FernandoMåned siden
  • Can someone like my comment I never get likes

    Glitch Boy gamerGlitch Boy gamerMåned siden
  • I like smalls man. Why did you have to do that adult swim

    Stuff OnMyduckStuff OnMyduckMåned siden
    • H H E E E I I Y Y Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Brairn senojonesBrairn senojonesMåned siden
    • jjuy unnnnersdand??

      Brairn senojonesBrairn senojonesMåned siden
    • UYer're gunnnna deeii!!! I'l gill yu!

      Brairn senojonesBrairn senojonesMåned siden
  • waiting for the too many cooks guy to show up

    MIDESMIDESMåned siden
  • Watching this for an hour? Totally worth it.

    Bluruni _r2Bluruni _r2Måned siden
  • 43:55 lmao!

    Charlie ChalkCharlie ChalkMåned siden
  • Pet Shop Boys like? x)

    GobbolinoGobbolinoMåned siden
  • How is this an adult swim 'small'? lol

    Rhys O'ConnorRhys O'ConnorMåned siden
    • april fools i guess

      Rafhael GonzalesRafhael GonzalesMåned siden
  • Kill la Kill series finale. Nice.

    Habanero JonesHabanero JonesMåned siden
    • @Revolution In the dark weeb

      ConorConor20 dager siden
    • @Conor Ew mayonnaise man.

      Revolution In the darkRevolution In the dark20 dager siden
    • Ew a weeb

      ConorConorMåned siden
    • Don't lose your way my boy

      Burger BoyBurger BoyMåned siden
    • ice

      skuraskuraMåned siden
  • This is some crazy non binary shit.

    F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CATMåned siden
    • Trueeee

      Ah shit, here we go againAh shit, here we go againMåned siden
    • This 10000%

      Makeshift•MindMakeshift•MindMåned siden
    • I love this comment

      Sleepy StrawberrySleepy StrawberryMåned siden
    • What

      rndov34rndov34Måned siden
    • what does that mean

      jurassic classicjurassic classicMåned siden
  • Bruh what

    Bruva AsmodaiBruva AsmodaiMåned siden
  • Really catchy!

    Rakiah BakerRakiah BakerMåned siden
  • 28:20 is the best part. Better than most songs in 2021.

    • The only songs I know from 2021 are the ones on a CD a friend recorded and asked me to copy

      Greg CharlesGreg Charles9 dager siden
  • Confused, I'm just confused

    Achillys WillyAchillys WillyMåned siden
    • Plaid.

      Eevee *Eevee *Måned siden
    • and his pants is his dress.

      crimding grimbocrimding grimboMåned siden
    • the dress is the shirt.

      randomdoodificationrandomdoodificationMåned siden
  • Hola primer comentario en español que lees ;)

    Felipe Sepulveda T.Felipe Sepulveda T.Måned siden
  • Yeeesss

    Brandon FernandezBrandon FernandezMåned siden
  • Fortnite

    IkeybonesIkeybonesMåned siden

      crimding grimbocrimding grimboMåned siden

      Debbie HargreavesDebbie HargreavesMåned siden