Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swim

4. april. 2021
352 849 Ganger

Birdgirl is named CEO of Sebben and Sebben and struggles to find a work/superhero balance.
Birdgirl premieres Sunday, April 4 at midnight on Adult Swim. New episodes every week at the same time.
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  • The problm with this show isnt that its "woke", its that its trying to be too similiar to BM & trying to be too different. Progressive can be done right (Infinity Train, Owl House, Kill 6 Billion Demons) because its not trying to be "progressive" its being good while also having feminist, pro LGBTQ, inclusive themes that arent awkwardly made to be the only draw. BM wasnt good because of the edgy humor, its the context that classic 60s characters + artstyle repinterpreted into something it wasnt is funny. Plus the absurdist humor. But, BM was sexist (possible homophobic) and constantly sexualized BG, its edge has not aged well. Nothing wrong with fixing the latter, but the former is what people want to see. I think it would be cool if we saw 90's-2000s CN titles being adapted, but random human characters ddont have the same punch (besides the "airheaded" assistant and the clearly bisexual straight-woman)

  • Every time Judy/Birdgirl is on screen, the writers (and Brewster) Nail it. That part doesn't need to be fixed. Meredith is good too, and her character is a great compliment to Judy. But the episode's villain (a shit-machine inventor? Tf is this? -- some college student imitating a bad south park joke?) is terrible, so bad it made me turn it off for a bit halfway through, the other characters are bland as hell, and the rest of the jokes were pretty stale and/or too sophomoric. Really needs some writing revamp and to interject better concepts for villains and plots. Go wacky but don't go ... kindergartener. (Don't make potty jokes.) And when in doubt focus on Birdgirl hijinx. Other than that, nice intro and good animation style.

    Charlie DavisonCharlie DavisonTime siden
  • Ngl most of the writing sucks '(beeeeooop' and a shit machine... really?) but Paget Brewster's BirdGirl is awesome and I hope this series finds a way to turn the terrible writing around for her sake.

    Charlie DavisonCharlie Davison2 timer siden
  • I liked it but it was too slow paced. The comedic timing works better if I watch it at 1.5x speed, seriously not kidding.

    Trevan WhitingTrevan Whiting2 timer siden
  • This ain't it

    Sean HokeSean Hoke3 timer siden
  • This shit completely missed the mark. No one wants this. It's like when the Me Too movement got really popular they shit out this half baked idea, and only now has the production finished to release episodes. But if the basis of this is that it's just women...and you removed all the best characters...and you changed the art style to this cheap shit version of Venture bros...well then good luck to you on your second season renewal. I don't think anyone is holding their breath.

    Logan PenciuLogan Penciu6 timer siden
  • I love how this is very different from birdman. I've watched all the episodes so far. I hope this show succeeds

    Piezano L0rdPiezano L0rd10 timer siden

    Nathan I LewisNathan I Lewis18 timer siden
  • At least people got paid

    Travis HueyTravis Huey20 timer siden
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force? More like Meal Team 6

    kasanovenkasanoven21 time siden
  • I really didn’t like attorney general so I have no faith in this either but I’ll give this a bite I guess

    LiveWiresLiveWires22 timer siden
  • Its ok not great

    TacocatTacocatDag siden
  • this is baaaddddd

    Tradgic TJTradgic TJDag siden
  • WTF is this, I haven't laughed at all...I loved original birdgirl but this just feels wrong. Maybe I'm too old

    Anwar AlexanderAnwar AlexanderDag siden
  • I'll give this a shot, god damn I miss Birdman though. I want to get, never getting that thing he sent me, that I never got.

    CasualverseCasualverseDag siden
  • Meh.

    MechMechDag siden
  • That’s going to be a no from me Bird.

    Code HoloCode HoloDag siden
  • i want whatever paget brewster was taking when they were recording this episode

    Faye FlanciaFaye FlanciaDag siden
  • So those the character designs you went with huh

    Brent ForrestBrent ForrestDag siden
  • why this? miss birdman

    eadummeadummDag siden
  • Will harvey appear in this series?

    Will MikeWill MikeDag siden
  • Was this supposed to be a comedy?

    Morik FMorik FDag siden
  • better than i thought

    ت تت تDag siden
  • It's not that bad, the show just has to find its footing first; maybe the writers will take some criticisms into account and use them to improve upon the show

    Douglas McDadeDouglas McDade2 dager siden
  • paget carries

    ruby yruby y2 dager siden
  • Its got potential, I want to see it a bit after the writers have their sea legs.

    Michael SilvermanMichael Silverman2 dager siden
  • Well, I like Birdgirl, Meredith and the dog. Everything else is just kinda cringe and awkward.

    poopikinspoopikins2 dager siden
  • how can something this chaotic be this boring?

    Vaisakh Chandran.BVaisakh Chandran.B2 dager siden
  • I feel like this show was made as a creative challenge to make something that is both great and funny, while being terrible at the same exact time. And they nailed the objective

    Bob AdamsBob Adams2 dager siden
  • Oh Lord this is bad

    lala duilala dui2 dager siden
  • Seen 2 episodes and it is clear who the intended audience is. And it is not the fans of the original Harvey Birdman series. So if you are a feminist or you are part of the woke, then you will love this series because it was made for you. It checks off many boxes on the agenda itinerary. For me, it simply lacks any of the charm and humor of the original.

    Wolf MobileWolf Mobile2 dager siden
  • Where is the humor? Where is the Hanna Barbara art style? Where are the breasts?

    MarfinMarfin2 dager siden
  • a series written by chicks for chicks, good, audience cut in half already , keep going AS, we need more of this

    jay kentjay kent3 dager siden
  • What the hell is this garbage? Why does the animation suck? Where's Peanut and the Bear?

    NicholasNicholas3 dager siden
  • Is this a parody of a parody of crappy old cartoon? WOW, the well truly has run dry. I liked the dog. Build a show around HIM.

    Mark TaylorMark Taylor3 dager siden
    • Soon-off or a parody of a crappy old cartoon.

      Scarlet WizardScarlet WizardDag siden
  • Great show nice transition =)

    Meschach TaylorMeschach Taylor3 dager siden
  • Issue with this is that it is a spin off of another show where the took the side character and removed the randomness that made the original great. This also has a different writing style that isn't as funny. If this was its own show with an original character I think it would have been more enjoyable cause then I wouldn't be thinking about why I didn't like this. .

    PerkiReportPerkiReport3 dager siden
  • More woke bullshit.

    wshgtnrywshgtnry3 dager siden
    • Where’s the woke?

      Dr.SpiralDr.Spiral2 dager siden
  • Zzzzz... Zzzz...

    trodat07trodat073 dager siden
  • well this sucked, cant hold a candle to the original show

    CamperCarlCamperCarl3 dager siden
  • having just binged all the Birdmans for the 3rd time... im gonna have to pass on this

    rob Irob I4 dager siden
  • Why does it look like she's got a moustache all the time? The darker lipstick shade looks a bit weird.

    jingurtjingurt4 dager siden
  • This. Is. Not. Good.

    David BDavid B4 dager siden
  • As a bird superhero myself, the Mighty Jet Fowl welcomes Bird Girl to the ranks of bird-themed heroes! Be that as it may, I'm off to save the day against the dastardly Colonel Sanders, my arch-nemesis! Bawk Bagock!

    jetfowljetfowl4 dager siden
  • Funny eyepatch man gone?

    Budda KreamBudda Kream4 dager siden
  • The theme song stomps!

    Nyn SladeNyn Slade4 dager siden
  • Does anyone know what relation Meredith have to Mentox? Is she his daughter, because they look kind of similar but she is much less of a showboat.

    rphbrphb4 dager siden
  • (This came out as Bit more of a rant here than i wanted tbh.) But This feels very meh. Its like theyre trying to do a Harvey birdman take on the recent harley quinn Animated series. I mean for fucks sake theres even a green skinned bestfriend character. How did she tank the stock values herself considering everything her father did? Wheres the surviving original cast. Why did they rewrite birdgirls backstory so much to give her this weird, deeply ingrained from childhood, identity crises for her "secret identity" as birdgirl. She wasnt even birdgirl until she met harvey. And everyone in the show, but phil, knew she was birdgirl. The joke was he was sexually attracted to who was clearly his daughter. But he was the only one who didnt know. This series is literally based of a running incest joke, with a father voiced by Stephen Colbert. And why is she constantly fighting crime or acting like a superhero. I get theyre "super hero lawyers" but the original show they wernt heros anymore and she never was one. harvey wasnt constantly acting like "birdman." And beating people up or superheroing in the background. He was acting like "harvey" a cartoon lawyer working cartoon cases who was a former hero. Wheres the the court room shenanigans? And they took out all the subtle humor. Like when phil is standing in the door way. *scene transition*, only his hand enters frame and slaps harvey (in the center of the shot) in the face, next panel is him still standing in the door way 15 + feet away still. Stretching the room slight to add to the absurdity of him slapping harvey from his location. And the joke is never acknowledged by characters reacting to him "breaking space" or pointed out to audience with dialogue. its just a visual gag. something you have to catch and realize on your own. Or all the actual wacky random little actions like phil and harvey juggling chainsaws, a live baby, and loading/firing a shotgun, all while having a discussion about something im the story. A lot i think is because, the only returning character was birdgirl, her design was worse. And it felt like she was given all the sudden, quick, jolty movements and wacky personality to overcompensate for the lack of the original cast who would all express those characteristics. A part me even thinks some of this new cast is to just fill "the minority quota" to make up for its lack of humor. "We wont make the show like we used to. And we filled the gaps with women and P.o.C. to give people of a newer more progressive demographics something to look at because we bank on fans of the original show not wanting to watch" having more diversity is a very positive thing. But they have such bland personalities here it feels like they are just there to be used as eye candy for that more progressive demographic in hopes they wont notice the lack in creativity to their roles or personality. I mean maybe the show will get better? Ill still watch some, but this episode was not a good first impression of what may come.

    Saucy RainbowsSaucy Rainbows5 dager siden
  • Oh y’all are mad mad

    Terry BlackTerry Black5 dager siden
  • the tragic remake of ghostbusters all over again.... the formula doesn't work gang!

    Talon KaneTalon Kane5 dager siden
  • i like this, ill probably watch the whole season when it comes out

    Ink tevmInk tevm5 dager siden
  • Now bring back Harvey Birdman to clean up all of bird girls lawsuits...

    Kickers and StickersKickers and Stickers5 dager siden
  • smartpipe

    AckzaTVAckzaTV5 dager siden
  • 18:58 and 22:04 Favorite Moments lol

  • not gonna lie, i thought this was gonna be about rick and morty

    AckzaTVAckzaTV5 dager siden
  • A continuation of the Harvey Birdman series?!

    BioGoji 1989BioGoji 19895 dager siden
  • I like it mostly it’s not a bad show

    bamarangbamarang6 dager siden
  • WTH?!? The black upper lip is distracting. Does her black upper lip mean something? I mean, in close-up its just a darker (really dark) shade of red or magenta... but what the heck?

    Bill TBill T6 dager siden
  • Not bad, but am I the only person who thinks they are trying too hard to make everyone "funny one"

    gaukaisergaukaiser7 dager siden
  • This is actually pretty good imo :)

    Sean BluettSean Bluett7 dager siden
  • All I’m hearing is cosmo saying “SO.MUCH.CLOGGING....”

    Sean PiriyakulSean Piriyakul7 dager siden
  • Is Birdgirl Jen Psaki?

    duchezduchez7 dager siden
  • I find this to be one of those cases where it’s _fine and kinda funny on its own as a spin-off,_ but it’s very difficult to not compare it to the actual series it came from. I mean I love Judy and the energy and fast actions she’s got, that’s still funny. But maaaaaan, it’s making me realise it probably worked better when she was working off of Harvey or Phil or whoever when she was a side character. Still worth a watch, I’ll watch whatever other episodes there are too, but damn it’s hard to judge it on its own and not compare it to what I already loved.

    IBrowneeIIBrowneeI7 dager siden
  • Ok that was really really unfunny... I loved Harvey Birdman but this sucks

    Stefano La ScalaStefano La Scala7 dager siden
  • must there be gay

    bmd mixbmd mix8 dager siden
  • Wuthufucc did I just watch?

    Genesis PlusGenesis Plus8 dager siden
  • Where are the court cases??

    Tanner HoweTanner Howe8 dager siden
  • This will last one season

    Tanner HoweTanner Howe8 dager siden
  • Why do all the girls sound like the same person?

    flat_footflat_foot8 dager siden
  • Holy... Bird Girl is so bad. Who wrote this bird poop?

    flat_footflat_foot8 dager siden
  • Finally- a sweet friggin show.

    Fred ReedFred Reed9 dager siden
  • Phil Ken Sebben, known to millions as Daddy

    Deeman DudeDeeman Dude9 dager siden
  • mixed feelings, did this need to happen? if it did, why is trying to be like the old show while trying to being something new?' i like the mindtaker chick, but why couldn't she just be a whole new character? some of the jokes were great and hit home but overall, eh.

    seawitseawit9 dager siden
    • It's...ok. It kinda feels like it's building towards something but I'm not sure what. And yeah, Meredith the Mindtaker is pretty good.

      Ian FinrirIan Finrir8 dager siden
  • Hasn't this a law show?

    James QuarteyJames Quartey9 dager siden
  • Mad scientist, crazy secretary, strong womans, all people in suits, a gay blonde character that is the only one with something of common sense .............................................. Birdgirl, ¿Are you trying to be the new "Archer"? i mean , ¿you know you cant right?

    Jose TriviñosJose Triviños9 dager siden
  • If I'm going to be honest..... Not very good..... A little bit disappointed 😞... Just not really a show I'd like to watch.... Not to mention I miss the hanna barbera cartoons and that were in the other show it's just not what I was hoping..... Just not my cup of tea

    Neriah Daniel TaylorNeriah Daniel Taylor9 dager siden
  • 3 episodes in feels like a completely different universe from the original--a mostly not funny universe :

    thelook87thelook8710 dager siden
  • 3rd episode in and it still sucks it feels like its watered down for the newer generation. Not for the original fan base.....

    RED CELLRED CELL10 dager siden
  • it’s weird to be in my 20’s and waiting for a cartoon on the weekends. i’m having experiences that my dad and adults would talk about from the childhood. waiting for weekend cartoons and excited about what comes next. it’s so rare to watch something without being able to spoil the story for myself with a google search or not binge an entire season in one day

    britney shakespearsbritney shakespears10 dager siden
  • this is kinda not funny, I was really hoping this would be good I loved the original 😔

    Wonder RustWonder Rust10 dager siden
  • Watching the 4th episode now. This show is just bad. It isnt funny. In no way does it stack up to the original and its really upsetting

    JJ10 dager siden
  • Yeah this isn’t great

    Mad LadMad Lad10 dager siden
  • Where is Petter Potamus? 🦛

    Aarón Martínez GarzaAarón Martínez Garza10 dager siden
  • Well, that was... unfortunate. And a shame too, as I really loved Birdgirl/Judy in the original series. And you can see brief glimpses of the same soul here and there in a few one-shot jokes/actions, but overall, the whole thing seems... incomplete. Without the HB characters (which I assume they couldn't get the rights to use anymore, as it was literally the entire point of the original show), it feels like they're just trying to take an old formula and slap a new paint job on it without understanding how it actually worked to begin with. The punchy speed of jokes isn't there anymore, there are unnecessary swapping out of characters (Meridith the Mindtaker? Really?), etc. Heck, they even changed the character of Birdgirl unnecessarily. A shame, CN, a shame. There is precious little of the magic from the original series left in the husk that is this show, and the only thing potentially keeping it together is Paget's still-amazing voice acting. But I don't think that will be enough.

    SteveMNDSteveMND10 dager siden
  • This was wack.

    Captain RegularCaptain Regular10 dager siden
  • Not enough rapid fire jokes and crude humor. Where are all Hanna-Barbera and classic cartoon characters? And not one “did you get that thing I sent you” or “dedldedldee” running gag 🦛🍆 In short, it doesn’t have the same soul as the original... or any soul at all for that matter

    B.J. RoesB.J. Roes10 dager siden
  • This is terrible.

    snarkus63snarkus6310 dager siden
  • This belongs in cartoon network or the disney channel.

    Water is wetWater is wet11 dager siden
  • my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    Ben LavineBen Lavine11 dager siden
  • Not as good

    altoid Robbins345altoid Robbins34511 dager siden
  • Why did it take so long for this to be created?

    TlalocWTlalocW11 dager siden
  • 5:11 was my reaction too, never been a fan of bird man, the dry boring humor or lazy cartoon drawing nowadays, like when it worked for Super Friends oh so many years ago. So I'll skip this one. It's me show, not you, I'm not into you, I'm sure you'll find someone good for you.

    Pundit KINGPundit KING11 dager siden
  • Wow.... this is garbage.

    Kaoru ShimitsuKaoru Shimitsu11 dager siden
  • Hmmmm... Naaaaa

    P KP K11 dager siden
  • Not what I wanted or expected. Didn’t think it was bad, but it wasn’t really something I thought was good. It’s probably gonna be green-lit and carry on

    It’s not MeIt’s not Me11 dager siden
  • I miss birdperson

    buzz killingtonbuzz killington11 dager siden
  • I wish I could be CEO 😭

    Hayley ScottHayley Scott11 dager siden
  • I’m really not feeling it. This could be a good continuous B-plot but not a good stand alone show

    Paul is a personPaul is a person11 dager siden
  • You fucked up. Did you watch the original show, or nah?

    The MarmotThe Marmot11 dager siden
  • I don't think this show is capturing the laughs like in the birdman show but we will have to see how it goes

    rorieb20rorieb2012 dager siden